No Unexploded Bombs Found After Boston Attack, BPD, FBI, And ATF Confirm At Press Conference

At a Tuesday morning press conference in Boston after yesterday’s Boston Marathon bombing, it was revealed no unexploded bombs were found in the aftermath as was originally reported.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Sen. Elizabeth Warren both spoke at the press conference in which what we know so far about the Boston Marathon attack was recapped, and authorities stressed that the investigation is in its initial stages — with little known about motive or who may be responsible.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Rick DesLauriers also spoke following Sen. Warren to debrief the public after the Boston bombing, followed by the ATF’s Gene Marquez and US Attorney Carmen Ortiz. (Ortiz is the prosecutor who targeted digital activist Aaron Swartz.)

Police say the area around the crime scene in Boston is being “collapsed,” shrinking from 15 blocks yesterday to 12 today and that people should plan for at least two more days of intensive investigation.

Boston DA Daniel Conley spoke a bit about the investigation and plans to keep the public and the media in the loop about the attacks in Boston.

A major focus of the conference centered around seeking any information or, more importantly, amateur footage from the finish line of the Boston Marathon — with particular stress placed upon all submissions being reviewed in the attacks’ wake.

After the scheduled speakers at the Boston attacks press conference spoke, a question and answer period was opened up, with authorities failing to confirm who “might or might not” be in custody. Law enforcement also refused to discuss the nature of the device detonated at the Boston Marathon.

One reporter asked about the mystery man on a roof, but police refused to comment — adding they will be scrutinizing “every frame” of evidence submitted.

DA Conley asked those submitting potential evidence indicate a timeframe to save police from combing for data as they sort through the massive amount of imagery and footage. Conley confirms 176 “casualties,” with 17 critical and three confirmed fatalities. No one is in custody, he reiterates.

FBI Special Agent DesLauriers confirms that a “variety” of witnesses are being interviewed but cannot elaborate on “specific leads.” No threat information was received prior to the Boston Marathon, and no current threats are linked to the investigation.