Cindy Prado Bares Golden Tan And Alluring Cleavage In New Instagram Snap

selfie of Cindy Prado
Cindy Prado / Instagram

Instagram model Cindy Prado thrilled her 1.5 million followers with her most recent post Thursday afternoon, which garnered over 10,000 likes in the first hour after it went live. The stunning blonde posted a series of images in which she looked glamorous yet casual wearing a black shorts set that revealed her impressive figure.

Cindy mentioned in the caption how much she adored the easy-to-wear ensemble and credited the clothing line Fashion Nova.

The top was long-sleeved but open in the front to reveal a large portion of her alluring cleavage and toned midriff. The sides of the garment were fastened together with two long fabric strings tied into a bow just below her breasts.

The matching high-waisted biker shorts were skintight and ended midway down her toned thigh. The snug fit hugged her curvaceous hips and voluptuous rear end.

Both pieces were made from a lightweight, stretchy fabric with a faint vertical texture that resembled a monochromatic pinstripe.

She finished off the ensemble with white tennis shoes and athletic socks.

Cindy accessorized with multiple pieces of gold-colored jewelry that popped against her smooth, caramel complexion.

She wore thick gold hoops in her ears, several bands on her fingers, and a bracelet on both wrists. One had evenly spaced round gold detailing across the top. She also had three short chains of varying links and thickness around her slender neck.

In addition to the jewelry, the images featured a pair of stylish wire-rimmed sunglasses. She wore them on her head in several of the shots.

Cindy had a small black leather bag slung over her shoulder, embellished with large gold-colored initials ‘C’ and ‘D,’ which was prominently displayed in the images.

Her long shimmering tresses fell in loose waves over both shoulders.

The Miami-born beauty posed by sitting on the edge of a table with a modern geometric design. Matching chairs with clean, crisp lines surrounded the large piece of furniture. It featured a taupe-colored top that contrasted with the bright white of the rest of the surfaces.

She was in front of an enormous window that reflected a blue-tinted version of the city landscape behind her.

Two matching many-storied buildings sat next to one another across a blue-green waterway from where Cindy sat. The blurry reflection of white boats dotting the bay was also visible, and the sky was a bright azure with thin wisps of delicate clouds stretched across in horizontal stripes.