Kayla Erin Stuns Fans In Sexy Esdeath Cosplay For Hot New Snap

Kayla Erin takes a mirror selfie making the peace sign with her fingers.
Kayla Erin / Instagram

Kayla Erin gave her 839,000 Instagram fans something to look at on Thursday, August 6, with a new post that saw her rocking a smoldering costume inspired by Esdeath, a character from the Japanese manga series Akame ga Kill!

The Australian cosplay model was captured outside of a house. She had one arm outstretched, indicating the pic was a selfie. Erin glanced into the lenses with fierce eyes and her lips slightly pursed.

She sported what appeared to be a dress. It was black-and-white and featured a blazer front with black folded collars. The left side buttoned over the right, crossing just below her chest and putting her cleavage front and center. The dress cinched at the waist, highlighting her figure. Erin also wore a pair of shiny black gloves that were tucked under the cuffs of the dress.

Erin completed her ensemble with a baby blue wig, which she styled down in layers that fell over her shoulders. The bangs came right between her brows while the sides framed her face. She also wore turquoise-colored lenses to match the eye color of the character since Erin has brown eyes.

Erin captioned the photo by saying that this is her favorite waifu, a fandom slang for a fictional female character from an anime, manga or video game that one finds attractive, according to Wiktionary. She also asked her fans which one is theirs.

The snapshot has attracted more than 15,600 likes and over 120 comments since going live earlier today. Her followers took to the comments section to answer her question, listing the female anime characters they like best. They also used the occasion to express their admiration for Erin.

“Love u. U are my favorite cosplayer and u have cosplayed my favorite waifu,” one user wrote.

“Esdeath was my waifu for like the longest time, but i set my eyes on himiko toga,” replied another user.

“I have a few, top three are: Hinata Hyuuga, Tifa Lockhart, Claire “Lightning” Farron,” a third fan chimed in.

“Raven all day she always will be I think,” added a fourth admirer

Erin recently treated her followers to another racy costume when she dressed as a sexy elf maid, as The Inquisitr has previously reported. She sizzled in a traditional French maid uniform that included a layered black-and-white skirt. Her top had puffy sleeves and a white bodice while the chest piece was black. She also wore a French maid hat to complete her cosplay. In the first photo, Erin opted not to wear the outfit’s upper half, sporting just an underwire bra.