John David Duggar Ditched His Plane For A Boat While Enjoying Time Alone With Wife Abbie

John David Duggar seems to be enjoying married life these days. He is now a dad to 7-month-old Grace Annette that he shares with wife Abbie. The Counting On stars usually take to the friendly skies as a means of spending a little time together. However, the couple recently decided to trade in their small airplane for a boat as they had a date on the open water.

Taking to their Instagram account on Thursday, John David and Abbie shared two photos as they revealed that they were having some alone time together without their little girl. As much as they love to spend time as a family, the reality stars also seem to realize that having special moments as just a couple is also important. The snapshots showed them on a small boat as they posed together facing the camera. They both showed their pearly whites and appeared to be relaxed and content.

John David was steering the watercraft while his wife sat by his side. The mom of one had on some sort of jean jacket or top as they glided across the lake. Her famous blond curls were pulled back into a messy side ponytail. The rest of her hair was slicked back away from her face. She wore a pair of teardrop earrings on her lobes.

Her reality star husband had on a blue collared shirt and had some stubble on his face as is his usual style. It wasn't revealed which one of the Duggars actually wrote the caption, but one of them lovingly wrote, "My favorite place to be is with you!!!"

The second Instagram snap showed them sharing a smooch. While Abbie had her eyes closed during their kiss, John David appeared to have his peepers slightly open, possibly to make sure there was nothing in their way as he was driving.

In the caption, it was revealed that their baby daughter was in good hands with her aunt Jana. John David's twin was babysitting Grace so that they could have a few hours alone.

Most Duggar fans loved the photos. However, a few mentioned that they thought it unsafe not to have life jackets on while in the boat.

"Nice picture but where's the life jackets?" one person wanted to know.

"You guys are so sweet and I wouldn't want to see you get hurt in any way! Where's your PFD's?" another follower questioned.

The TLC stars seem to be a little more frequent in posting on the social media platform since their firstborn entered the world. Late last month they shared a family photo of the threesome lying on the ground together while snapping a picture. The baby looked adorable and her parents were smiling big as always.