Caroline O’Mahony Flaunts Insane Abs & Curvaceous Cleavage In Sweet Pink Bra And Panty Set

Irish fitness model Caroline O’Mahony flashed a glimpse of her incredible physique on Thursday afternoon, thrilling her 672,000 devoted Instagram followers. The recent post racked up over 10,000 likes in the first few hours after it was uploaded.

Caroline snapped a selfie looking fit and gorgeous in a tiny pink ensemble. The stunning brunette posed sitting on the ground in front of a large mirror that captured almost all of her reclined reflection.

She rested on the side of one hip and held the slight weight of her toned upper body up with her left arm, keeping her elbow locked and palm flat on the floor. Her shapely hips were cocked to one side and she stacked her long, lean legs on top of one another.

Her bra top featured wide-set soft triangle cups that perfectly displayed the rounded curves of her voluptuous cleavage and a wide elastic band around her torso that read “LOUNGE” in white lettering just below her breasts. The lightweight fabric was a dusty rose color that flattered Caroline’s fair complexion and dark hair.

The bottoms were a deeper bubble-gum pink and featured a similar design to the other piece. The waistband, which rested high on either side of her hips at the most narrow part of her slender waist, was also marked with the Lounge brand name. The rest of the garment was a small triangle of material that stretched below her taut belly and between her curvaceous thighs.

Caroline’s skimpy attire highlighted her incredible abdominal muscles and hourglass shape. Three impressive vertical lines of definition were visible running from her ribcage to below the band of her undies. Her enviable figure was bathed in what appeared to be natural light from a window on her right. It illuminated her golden, tanned skin and delicate features.

She wore a Fitbit around one wrist, and joked in the caption that although it didn’t necessarily match her girly ensemble, it had to stay on.

Caroline gazed at her phone screen with intense focus to maintain the image’s composition. She arched one perfectly groomed eyebrow, which pulled attention to her bright blue eyes. Her pouty full lips curved into an almost imperceptible smile.

Her rich dark hair was parted off-center and styled straight. It spilled over one chiseled shoulder and hung halfway down her back.

Caroline posed on a gray marbled tile floor constructed out of large rectangular slabs of stone. A large television and a fireplace were visible in the background behind her.