Anllela Sagra Flaunts Washboard Abs In Lowered Sweatpants And Skimpy Top

Anllela Sagra takes a mirror selfie in a outfit.
Anllela Sagra / Instagram

Anllela Sagra gave many of her 11.7 million Instagram followers something to talk about on Thursday, August 6, when she shared a series of snapshots in which she flaunted her incredible body while wearing a skimpy outfit.

The four-picture slideshow captured the Colombian fitness model and Instagram star sitting on the floor. Sagra was striking different poses, all of which showcased her washboard abs.

Sagra wore a pair of lavender-colored sweatpants, which were low on her hips, exposing her underwear. The latter featured a red U-shaped waistband while the main part was white with colorful print. The briefs were higher on her sides, exposing her lower stomach and accentuating her slender waist.

On her torso, Sagra wore a mint green crop top with spaghetti straps stretching over her shoulders. The top was made from a thin fabric that clung to her chest. The low-cut neckline allowed her to show off her cleavage and revealed she was not wearing a bra underneath it. She accessorized her ensemble with a choker and gold-colored bracelets.

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Within two hours of going live, the post has attracted more than 64,000 likes and upward of 450 comments. Many of her fans enjoyed the photos and showed Sagra love in the comments, praising her killer physique and risque outfit.

“Irresistible in so many ways,” said one of her fans.

However, many others seemed to think that the slideshow, as well as some of her most recent posts, indicates that Sagra may be taking her career in the wrong direction or that there might be something going on with her mental health.

“Who takes her pics? They should talk to her.. content is just not there anymore? [crying emoji],” asked one of them.

“It’s strange. Something is going on with here. Something is different. I actually hope she’s ok,” a third user chimed in.

“She seems so different and stressed in a weird way after she came back from the long break on Instagram,” added another fan.

Prior to today’s post, she shared a video in which she wore a peach set while shaking her booty for the camera to the sound of Latin music playing in the background, as The Inquisitr has previously noted. Sagra appeared to be posing in a walk-in closet. She could be seen swaying her hips around while looking over her shoulder, making seductive faces toward the viewer.

Like her most recent update, it received mixed reactions in the comments section.