Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason’s In Trouble & Carly May Face Tough Decisions As A Result

'General Hospital' stars Laura Wright as Carly and Steve Burton as Jason
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers tease that Friday’s show could be a rocky one. Right at the end of Thursday’s episode, it was revealed that Jason Morgan had crashed his motorcycle. Now, viewers are left to anxiously wait to see what kind of condition he’s in when the August 7 show airs.

Over the course of the past few episodes, everybody watched as Sonny Corinthos struggled to let his father Mike Corbin go. The heartbreak over this seemingly prompted Jason to consider his own mortality, and he asked Carly Corinthos to be the person who would make end-of-life decisions on his behalf if the need ever arose.

His lover Sam McCall was initially stunned by this. However, as she later talked with Carly, she seemed to end up in a place of gratitude for her beau’s decision. Some General Hospital fans may have felt this seemed as if it could be foreshadowing something bad coming for the Port Charles bad boy, and it certainly didn’t take long for that to be the case.

The last that fans saw, Jason was on his back, seemingly unconscious on the road with his bike next to him. Luckily, General Hospital teasers reveal that he will not necessarily be alone and injured for long. The sneak peek that aired at the end of the episode showed that someone will cross paths with him soon. It seemed that it was Curtis Ashford who found him, but that wasn’t entirely clear.

Steve Burton plays Jason Morgan on 'General Hospital'
  Craig Sjodin / ABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps did not specifically reference what’s next for him. It is known that Jordan Ashford and mobster Cyrus Renault will continue their tense discussion at his place, which is where the motorcycle enthusiast was headed at the time of the crash.

There are some signs that there are serious injuries that will come from this accident. Next week, Sam will be cautiously optimistic early on, and shortly after that, she’ll receive some good news. Unfortunately, whatever she’s facing takes a turn and she’ll get terrible news of some sort.

Teasers for General Hospital also note that Curtis will be confrontational over something in the days ahead, and Carly will feel optimistic at one point. Those could both be related to this situation.

All of the drama this week related to the idea that his loved ones could lose him again would seem to suggest this accident might result in severe injuries. Would General Hospital really kill off the character again? There don’t appear to be any signs of that being the case, but viewers will be anxious to see that confirmed over the next few episodes.