Daisy Keech Flaunts Blond Locks, Incredible Cleavage In Sultry Spread

Model Daisy Keech poses for a mirrored selfie with her dog.
Daisy Keech / Instagram

Daisy Keech — the model and influencer who founded The Clubhouse in Beverly Hills and formulated its creative concept — has once again ignited her popular Instagram feed with a series of sultry snapshots. On August 6, the 21-year-old TikTok star uploaded two medium close-up shots which exhibited her famously smoldering gaze and striking facial features in exquisite detail as her lengthy blond locks provided a scintillating frame for her face.

One of the shots included in the two-pic slideshow offered an incredible display of cleavage from Keech that surely impressed even the most discerning among her more than 5 million followers on IG.

The first shot in the series found Keech peering seductively into the camera with her full, pink lips parted and her upper lip curled slightly on her left side. The light-hued irises of her eyes were focused on the lens just below her modestly constricted eyelids. All the while, her flawless, somewhat bronzed skin appeared to glisten in the sunlight and her flowing, wavy locks draped down over her shoulders, arms and chest.

In the post’s caption, Keech pointed out that she was wearing extensions and gave a shout-out to those responsible for her look.

Despite the obstruction created by Keech’s hair and its extensions, her ample cleavage was visible between the lengthy golden strands as were the cups of her light blue dress. The garment was emblazoned with a multicolored floral print and appeared to hang loosely off of her taut, shapely bosom.

As she posed with the dark green leaves of a plant flanking her left side, Keech held a glass goblet containing a clear liquid.

The second photo included in the update showed Keech in greater detail, as the camera zoomed in closer for the shot. With her face still glistening and her goblet now being held in the opposite hand, the model playfully bit down on her thumbnail while maintaining a lock on the lens with her eyes.

Keech’s latest photo update proved to be a big hit with her fans on IG, accruing well over 100,000 likes in less than an hour after appearing on her feed. Moreover, several hundred comments were left by her admirers, who weren’t shy about sharing their love for the sexy spread.

“Ahhhhhh so pretty,” said one user.

” I wish I looked like u,” stated another commenter.

“Wow you look amazing in that sunshine,” opined another fan, adding heart emoji for emphasis.

As shared by The Inquisitr on July 30, Keech brought the sizzle to her account with an update in which she flaunted her bare booty while wearing ripped jeans.