Bruna Rangel Lima Flaunts Killer Booty In Hot Pink Bikini On The Beach

Instagram model Bruna Rangel Lima took to the social media platform Thursday afternoon to share a stunning photo that thrilled her 4 million followers. The summery post racked up almost 14,000 likes in the first 30 minutes after it was uploaded.

Bruna posed on a large rock beside a sparkling ocean, which she indicated in the caption was the source of her contentment. She also tagged her swimsuit line, Brukinis, in the caption.

Bruna wore a tiny strappy bikini in a bright, bubble-gum pink that accentuated her killer curves and deep tan.

The bandeau top was held up by two sets of thin straps that tied in bows around her narrow ribcage and grazed the lines of her arched back. An unidentifiable tattoo in red script was visible on her ribs, between the brightly-colored strings.

She posed with her behind facing the camera, so just the rounded curve of her breast was visible past her arm as she turned slightly toward the viewer. The front of the suit appeared to be embellished with a small ruffle across the top.

The bottom of the ensemble was a Brazilian-style thong. It featured a small triangle of fabric that rose up from between Bruna's voluptuous cheeks and attached to straps that rested high over her hips at the most narrow part of her slender waist.

The suit left a huge expanse of alluring bare skin from her waist all the way down to her shapely thighs and toned calves. It perfectly displayed her insanely curvaceous derriere.

Bruna was perched on a large round stone at the water's edge of a very rocky beach. As suggested by her geotag, she was dipping her toes into the Pacific Ocean. The angle of the golden, diffused light in the background and the reflection of the water suggested it was the beginning of sunset.

The sun kissed the ends of her long, platinum hair. Her breeze-tousled tresses were parted off-center and she swept them over her shoulder and let them cascade down her back.

She spread her knees far from one another for balance and relaxed her hands between her legs. Her right leg was bent and she extended her left directly in front of the camera, showing off a ton of smooth skin.

Bruna turned her face away from the glowing light behind her and gazed over her left shoulder. Her stunning features were framed by the hazy illumination behind her, highlighting her striking jawline and full, long lashes.