11-Year-Old Draws Picture Of Himself Shooting His Teacher

Child Draws Picture Depicting Death Of Teacher And Mother

An 11-year-old drew a picture of himself shooting his teacher and pushing his mother off a cliff. The South Carolina boy alarmed his classmates and teacher with several grotesque drawings that reportedly depicting himself harming others.

The Forest Hills Elementary school teacher became aware of the pictures when she received a complaint from another student, The student was concerned as the 11-year-old boy had been drawing pictures depicting the teacher’s death.

The teacher approached the student about his disturbing drawings, and he told her he had thrown them away. He told her that he simply drew a picture of someone with a broken leg.

As reported by Live 5 News, the teacher waited until the end of the day to search the classroom. She eventually found the boy’s drawings and was shocked to see that they detailed not only her death but the death of his mother as well.

Several drawings were found, but the most disturbing featured stick figures labeled “ME” harming other stick figures, labeled as the teacher and the boy’s mother.

In the drawing depicting the teacher, the boy reportedly wrote the words “DOESN’T FEEL GOOD DOES IT” by the stick figure shooting the teacher.

In the drawing depicting his mother’s death, the boy drew a female stick figure being pushed off a cliff.

A third drawing, which was not labeled, featured a female laying on the ground, surrounded by blood. A knife was drawn next to the body.

The teacher contacted police to report the disturbing drawings. When questioned by police, the boy initially denied that he drew the pictures.

As reported by ABC News 4, the 11-year-old eventually admitted drawing the picture of himself shooting his teacher and pushing his mother off a cliff. He told authorities that he was upset with his teacher because he was in trouble for not doing his homework.

He reportedly drew the picture depicting him killing his mother as he knew he would be in trouble when his mom found out he didn’t do his homework.

The Walterboro Public Safety Department has requested that the boy be processed through the Department of Juvenile Justice. They are concerned that the 11-year-old drew the picture of himself shooting his teacher as a threat.