Cowboys’ Randy Gregory Claims The NFL Is Being ‘Unfair’ About His Reinstatement

Randy Gregory #94 of the Dallas Cowboys on the sidelines
Harry How / Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys‘ defensive lineman Randy Gregory is still waiting for official word from the NFL on whether or not he can play in 2020. On Thursday, he posted his frustrations on Twitter, calling the process unfair.

The former Nebraska football star started the statement, which was included as an image in the tweet, by saying “I really miss playing football.” Gregory added that he felt he was doing everything he could to get back on the field.

He said he’s “in great shape physically, mentally, and emotionally” and believes he’s doing everything the league has requested. He said that in spite of his efforts to be reinstated and rejoin the Cowboys, he’s “being held back” by testing and the coronavirus pandemic.

He said he’s “been ready to play and test for months” now, but stated that the league has not come forward to help him. It’s not clear if Gregory was talking about getting tested for COVID-19 or another round of drug testing. As Gregory is currently sitting out indefinitely because of repeated drug test failures, it’s likely he was trying to get the NFL to give him a clean bill of health on that front.

Defensive end Randy Gregory #94 of the Dallas Cowboys celebrates sacking quarterback Carson Wentz
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As The Inquisitr previously reported, Gregory has been working towards reinstatement for quite a while. He’s been trying to get back to the Cowboys since springtime. There was a time when it was believed he would hear back in short order. There was some hope that he might be back after loosening the penalties for players who violate the drug abuse policy was proposed, but nothing seems to have come from that.

Now teams are reporting to camp and getting ready for the coming season, and Gregory claims he still hasn’t heard anything definitive one way or another.

He said part of the problem is that he has more questions than he’s getting answers. The athlete also claimed the powers that be are continuously “passing the buck” when it comes to his case, alleging that commissioner Goodell and other higher-ups were giving him a bit of a run-around. He went on to say he believes that they’re using the pandemic as an excuse to give him vague answers or no answers at all.

Gregory claimed that, for the most part, he’s been told to “just sit and wait.” He added he doesn’t think what is happening to him isn’t fair, especially when he’s been doing everything he can to follow what the rules off the field.

Though most analysts believed there was a good chance Gregory would be cleared to play before the 2020 season, the length of time it has taken thus far has convinced some he won’t be back until at least, 2021.