Lauren Simpson Shows Off Her Ripped Body In Home Vs. Gym Workout Videos

Fitness model Lauren Simpson posted a new video set to popular social media platform Instagram on Wednesday, August 5, in which she showed her 1.9 million followers how to adapt gym workouts to a home setting.

For the home workout side of each clip, Lauren wore a skimpy white outfit that contoured to her perfectly shaped figure and left plenty of muscle exposed. On her upper half, she wore a white sports bra with crisscross straps along the chest. The eye was drawn to her shapely arms, upper back, and shoulders, while a gap between the top and bottoms showed off her toned tummy. The model dressed her lower half in tiny booty shorts that clung to her sculpted backside and left the length of her muscular legs on display.

Lauren wore a pair of white socks, forgoing her typical sneakers for the indoor workout. She accessorized with a black exercise watch and stud earrings and styled her long, platinum tresses in two French braids.

The gym side of the videos featured the fitness trainer in a variety of outfits. The first was a hot pink ensemble. The top included thick black straps and a black elastic band around the chest. The shorts pinched in at Lauren’s backside, emphasizing the peach shape of her booty. She pulled her hair back into a low bun. The second outfit featured gray spandex shorts with red stripes up the hip and a red sports bra to match the stripe. A third get-up featured a cheetah-print top and bottoms, which once again left much of the model’s fit figure exposed.

Lauren posted four video clips, each showing an exercise in the gym and then again adapted for other settings. She demonstrated how to substitute machines and other equipment for resistance bands and chairs. The seated abduction machine became the seated band abduction, the reverse hyper became the chair reverse hyper, the lying leg curl became the sock hamstring curl, and the cable rope pull through became the long band hip extension.

In the caption of the post, Lauren told her followers that in her new eight-week Bikini X Strong Challenge, trainees have the option to choose a home or gym-based program. If they change their mind after starting, they can easily switch on the app.

The post earned nearly 15,000 likes and dozens of comments within the first day of appearing on the photo-sharing site.

“Love these modifications,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments section.

“Such a great share. Thank you,” another follower commented.