Abby Dowse Spreads Her Legs While Chilling Poolside In A Skimpy Bikini

Abby Dowse clicks a selfie.
Abby Dowse / Instagram

Abby Dowse exuded an air of sexy nonchalance in today’s Instagram share, one that saw her chilling poolside in a skimpy bikini. The Australian beauty appeared to be in the backyard of her Sydney apartment building — a familiar sight for anyone who regularly follows Abby on the social media platform. She was snapped on the edge of the pool. She was sitting with her legs spread open, flaunting her insane curves as she posed with one knee raised and the other leg folded in front of her body. She leaned backward on her hands, fixing the camera with an intense and alluring gaze, and slightly parting her plump lips in a sultry expression.

The 30-year-old model showed off her killer body in a mismatched two-piece set from Fashion Nova, which consisted of a hot pink bandeau top and barely there string bottoms. The top fit tightly across her chest, extending all the way to her waist and accentuating her hourglass figure. The snug item was decorated with three black butterflies that stretched across the upper part of her bust, matching the color of her bottoms.

Meanwhile, the minuscule thong offered a lot less coverage, sporting a small triangular front and a revealing waistline that fell far past her bellybutton. The ruched number was extremely high-cut and tied on her hips with large, loopy bows draping down her curves. The thin side straps sat high on her hipbones, further emphasizing her narrow waist.

The seductive photo captured Abby from the mid-profile, spotlighting the bombshell’s strong, curvy thighs and slender hips. The hot look also displayed her chiseled tummy, while completely baring her arms and shoulders.

The model soaked up some sun and seemed to have just come from a dip in the pool, judging by the glistening droplets that still clung to her skin. Sunlight illuminated her legs and arm, highlighting her allover glow and casting a dazzling shine on her golden locks. The clear, turquoise water stretched behind her, complementing the vibrant shade of her top. Tall trees loomed in the distance, towering above a large, wood fence that provided privacy for her sunbathing activities.

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Chill Vibes ✌️

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Abby summarized the relaxed atmosphere of the shot in her caption, adding a peace sign emoji for good measure. The update seemed to have made quite the impression on her eager fans, who clicked the like button more than 12,000 times and left close to 360 messages on her photo, all within the first five hours of posting. Fellow models also flocked to the comments section, complimenting the Aussie hottie.

“Dreamy,” Jaylene Cook said of the look, expressing her admiration for the sizzling blonde with heart-eyed and sparkles emoji.

“Sun kissed,” chimed in Laura Amy.

“Babyyy,” wrote Lauren Dascalo, trailed by three fire emoji.

“Flamesss,” Rachel Ward praised the smoking-hot look.

As The Inquisitr reported, Abby gave fans a peek at the chic bikini earlier today, sharing a tantalizing photo snapped at a high angle that exposed her cleavage. That upload has been liked over 20,500 times since it was posted.