Yarishna Ayala Shows Off Perfectly Sculpted Buns In Latest ‘Legs Day’ Workout Clip

Yarishna Ayala takes a selfie
Yarishna Ayala / Instagram

Fitness model Yarishna Ayala wowed her 2.2 million Instagram followers with her recent workout post. While the caption to the clip stated that it was “legs day” during her gym visit, for many, the focus was more on her pert derriere as she lifted weights.

The fitness guru wore a formfitting multicolored bodysuit. The item of clothing featured short bottoms, allowing Yarishna to clearly show her sculpted thighs and calves as she flexed them during the short video. The exercise gear was backless and the straps wrapped around her neck in a halter fashion. This meant that her toned back and muscly arms were also on display. On her feet were white sports socks.

Yarishna’s dark hair was straightened and parted in the middle. She wore it down but pulled over one shoulder as she concentrated on the exercises.

She started by lifting some handheld weights. Initially, she was bent over but she quickly stood up before performing several lifts slowly in order to get a better workout. After that, she moved onto squats as her fitness trainer looked on. The model then ditched the weights and performed lunges before finishing up with a different version of squats. Holding her arms out in front of her body, a bit of her underboob was on display as she completed the exercises.

In the caption, Yarishna included a list of the activities she performed. She also tagged the gym she visited as well as the fashion label for her bodysuit.

As soon as Yarisha posted the video, her followers were quick to respond. Within a mere three hours, the clip had gathered close to 62,000 likes and hundreds of comments from her delighted fans.

“So truly amazing and wonderful,” one follower wrote in the comments section.

“Great workout clip,” a fan said.

“Always perfect technique and amazing physique,” said another user.

“Wooow awesomeness beautiful damn perfection beauty,” a fourth person wrote, also using a long string of heart emoji for further emphasis.

In addition, many of her followers used emoji in order to convey how they felt about the video. The most popular were the heart, muscly arm, and fire emoji. Of course, with her buns on display, the peach one was also in regular use by her admirers.

Yarishna often makes her booty the highlight of her Instagram updates. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently shared a snap where she wore a black bikini. Standing with her back to the camera, she left very little to the imagination in the revealing outfit.