Erica Wall Update: See Pictures Of Her Weight Loss, Rekindled Romance After 'My 600-LB Life'

Nathan Francis

Erica Wall is still losing weight and very much in love with her rekindled flame since the last time fans of My 600-LB Life caught up with her.

Erica has been one of the most popular figures featured on the TLC docu-series, with several updates to her original 2017 episode that showed her continued journey to better health. With Erica's original episode re-airing in August of 2020, there are a lot of fans interested in catching up on her weight loss journey. They were particularly interested in a recent picture that gave a glimpse of her much slimmer frame.

As her original episode showed, Erica ended up at 661 pounds through a combination of dangerous eating habits and severe childhood trauma. As InTouch Weekly noted, she was raped as a teenager, sending her into a spiral of depression and causing her to develop an eating disorder.

As she explained, the traumatic event also had a severe impact on her relationship with her father. That same year he encouraged her to have her stomach stapled, as Erica had already reached more than 300 pounds.

"I felt neglected and abandoned by my father. I just wanted my dad to tell me that he loved me, and he wasn't disappointed that I was his daughter," she said.

Ultimately, the situation caused Erica's weight to reach dangerous levels and threatened her overall health. Despite the long odds, she was able to make some major gains after My 600-LB Life, losing hundreds of pounds and eventually rekindling a romance with longtime friend, Jimmy.

As The Inquisitr reported, Erica and Jimmy were still together at the time of her "Where are they now?" special that aired in April, and things seem to still be going strong a few months later.

On her Facebook page, Erica posted a picture this week showing off her noticeably thinner face and a wide smile. In the caption, she thanked her followers for the messages of love and support for her recent birthday. The cover image of her page showed her in a loving embrace with Jimmy.

Those who want to see more updates from Erica can keep an eye on TLC for her "Where are they now?" special to re-air. They can also check out her Facebook page, where she shares periodic updates from her efforts to stay healthy, including posts that share her positive outlook on life and optimism for whatever progress she still has to make.