NY Times Wins Four Pulitzers

NY Times Wins Four Pulitzer Prizes

The NY Times has won four Pulitzer Prizes for journalism.

The New York-based newspaper won awards for its reports on corruption in the Chinese government, the business practices of Apple and Wal-Mart, and an avalanche in Washington state.

The NY Times was the big winner at the 2013 Pulitzers, which saw awards dished out in 14 journalism categories and seven arts categories.

Another notable Pulitzer Prize-winning publication was The Denver Post, which won the breaking news category for its coverage of the mass shooting in a movie theater last year in Aurora, Colorado.

The Associated Press – itself a winner of the breaking news photography category – reports that the Denver Post newsroom “erupted in cheers” when the newspaper’s win was announced, with many staff tearing up and sharing hugs. Kevin Dale, the Post‘s news director, said:

“We are part of this community. The tragedy touches us, but we have a job to do. It’s great to win the prize, but we’d rather win for a different story.”

The Star-Tribune of Minneapolis clinched two awards, for local reporting and editorial cartooning, while other winners included the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

However, it is the NY Times that will be celebrating loudest tonight.

The Pulitzers, journalism’s greatest honor, are handed out annually by Columbia University on the recommendation of a board of journalists and others. Every award has a $10,000 prize except for the public service award, which comes with a gold medal.

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