Donald Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton In ‘Fox & Friends’ Interview: ‘She’s Living In A Cocoon’

Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton walks off stage as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump smiles after the third U.S. presidential debate at the Thomas & Mack Center on October 19, 2016.
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President Donald Trump mocked former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during a Wednesday interview with Fox & Friends, Breitbart reported.

“She’s living in a cocoon, and I guess people don’t like her or somebody doesn’t like her, but she didn’t do the job,” he said. “She didn’t do the job that she was supposed to do, and she should accept that.”

As reported by Fox News, Trump’s comment came after the former secretary of state warned of the Republican Party’s “sabotage” of the United States Postal Service, which she claims is part of Trump’s strategy to undermine vote-by-mail in the fall. While Democrats say they are pushing for mail-in voting to help Americans avoid contracting the coronavirus amid the pandemic, Trump has suggested that the process is susceptible to fraud.

The real estate mogul recently sued Nevada for their efforts to expand vote-by-mail, although he has encouraged this in Florida. The support came after former Rep. David Jolly warned that Trump’s attacks on mail-in voting could cause him to lose the Sunshine State by undermining the Republican Party’s efforts to mobilize the process in the region.

Clinton’s criticism of Trump was linked to an article from The Philadelphia Inquirer that spotlighted the mail delays in the city, which were allegedly driven by understaffing at the USPS amid changes in the agency.

“The new Postmaster General’s policies eliminate overtime, order carriers to leave mail behind to speed up their workdays, and slash office hours, which — coupled with staffing shortages amid previous budget cuts and coronavirus absences — are causing extensive delivery delays.”

Donald Trump awaits the arrival of Finnish President Sauli Niinisto to the White House.
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Louis DeJoy, a Grand Old Party fundraiser, is the new postmaster general, which has drawn criticism from critics like Clinton, who believe he is actively undermining the service as part of a broader GOP strategy.

“Now she continues to go on and she’s talking now about the Postal Service,” Trump said during his Fox News interview.

According to the real estate mogul, the USPS has been having “big problems” for 40 years and would likely face problems processing ballots in the November election.

Trump has also linked China to mail-in voting and claims that the country is happy about the Democratic push for the widespread use of the process. The comment came after the president’s appointed FBI director, Christopher Wray, warned that China might attempt to interfere in the upcoming American elections.

Despite the real estate mogul’s attacks on vote-by-mail, members of the GOP in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have broken with him on the issue.