Anastasiya Kvitko Shows Off Her Voluptuous Figure In A Sports Bra & Leggings, Teases ‘Life Is Full Of Candies’

Anastasiya Kvitko takes a selfie
Anastasiya Kvitko / Instagram

The “Russian Kim Kardashian” of social media, Anastasiya Kvitko, shared a new Bang Energy drink video via her Instagram page on Wednesday. She managed to flaunt virtually every angle of her insane hourglass figure, and her millions of fans had plenty to say about this enticing clip.

In this case, Kvitko taped the promotional video in what seemed to be a high-rise apartment. She stood near ceiling-to-floor windows and a number of tall buildings could be seen behind and slightly below her. The room appeared to be decorated in nearly all white, but a pop of red in what seemed to be a flower display was visible at various points.

Kvitko wore a black sports bra and a pair of black leggings that had red stripes on the sides. She had a fluffy white dog with her that she picked up and snuggled at one point, and she teased in her caption that life was full of candies. This seemed to be a nod to the candy apple flavor of the energy drink she showcased in this post.

The 25-year-old model leaned against the glass window at one point as she flaunted her curvy backside and prominent posterior. Kvitko tossed her long, blond tresses around as she teased her fans with a variety of poses, and her deep cleavage and flat tummy were on full display at various points as well.

“Beautiful lovely magnificent goddess,” one of Kvitko’s fans declared.

“You are a blessing so unbelievably sweet so beautiful,” another person raved.

Kvitko currently has about 11.4 million followers, and they were quick to embrace this new video. It was viewed more than 65,000 times during the first hour that it was live on her page, and more than 15,000 people liked it quickly, too.

Hundreds of people commented as well. By the looks of these notes, it was nothing but love for this sultry display of the Russian beauty’s curves.

“So much perfection, it can’t be human, I’d like to make sure you’re real, and not a dream,” a follower said.

“Super cute & elegant,” someone else determined.

The buxom beauty has started sharing these Bang Energy videos fairly regularly over the past few months, and they are always a hit. Regardless of the setting or the revealing ensemble she wears, her voluptuous physique and confident, sultry vibe raise heart rates and generate an intense response. A number of her similar posts in the past were viewed more than 1 million times apiece, and this one certainly appears to be on its way to doing the same.