Vicky Aisha Bares Tremendous Curves In Teeny Thong & Scandalous Mesh Crop Top

Vicky Aisha left barely anything to the imagination in yesterday’s Instagram update, sharing a stunning snap that treated followers to an eyeful of tremendous curves. The Australian tattoo model flashed some major skin in an itty-bitty thong that perfectly displayed her ample derrière, posing with her back to the camera to show off her buns.

The 28-year-old coupled the skimpy bottoms with a scandalous mesh crop top — a sexy, off-the-shoulder design that fit tightly across her chest. She further upped the ante by going braless under the revealing number, which left her voluptuous assets well within eyesight for her audience to admire thanks to its see-through design.

Vicky was photographed against a simple white backdrop. Her bronzed skin and racy attire were the only splash of color in the shot, keeping all the attention on her bodacious figure. The blond beauty posed on the floor and was sitting with her legs spread open and her shoulder halfway turned to the camera. She held one hand on her thigh, elegantly arching her wrist and fanning out her fingers. She was barefoot, stretching her feet in an almost balletic pose that called attention to her pins. However, what the snapshot truly spotlighted was her curvaceous posterior, which the insanely high-cut thong had no trouble showcasing.

The item sported a minuscule triangular back and thin, spaghetti straps that were pulled high on her hipbones, highlighting her waist. Meanwhile, the daring top bared her back, narrowing into a flimsy strap that appeared to be on the verge of becoming undone. Although her buxom curves were not fully visible due to the angle of the shot, the gauzy fabric flashed a good glimpse of sideboob. The garment was completed with long, fitted sleeves that emphasized Vicky’s slender arms.

The risqué ensemble was a deep burgundy shade that looked flattering against her fair skin, accentuating her golden tan. The model topped off her hot look with a fiery-red scrunchie, pulling up her hair into a chic bun. She further accessorized with multiple small hoop earrings.

Vicky was staring to the side and into the distance with an intense gaze and provocatively parted lips. The model penned a playful caption for her photo, asking fans to guess what she was looking at. Followers didn’t hesitate to heed her request, taking to the comments in large numbers to offer up suggestions.

“Definitely tacos… women only look at tacos like that,” wrote one person.

“The full set of Neca TMNT figures,” a second Instagrammer ventured a guess.

Pizza and dogs were also among the answers, along with pasta and ice cream. One person suggested that Vicky was looking at her computer to keep an eye on the comments rolling in. Another follower said she was staring down someone who had said “something stupid.”

Her admirers also left plenty of compliments for the busty blonde, gushing over her bountiful physique.

“Those amazing curves go on forever,” remarked a third devotee, who added a long string of fire and heart-eyed emoji.

“Best hips ever,” declared a fourth Instagram user, ending with a fire emoji.

The upload racked up more than 48,100 likes and 735 comments overnight, becoming her most popular post of the week so far.