Boston Marathon Explosion Prompts Security Review For Thatcher Funeral And London Marathon

Security will be increased for Thatcher funeral and London Marathon as a result of Boston Marathon explosion

London, UK – The Boston Marathon explosion will likely result in a beefed-up security presence for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday and Sunday’s London Marathon.

Authorities already were planning a significant police deployment for the former prime minister’s funeral in part given the so-called street celebrations and disrespectful demonstrations by Thatcher haters after she passed away last Monday at age 87. Prior to the Boston bombings, however, UK security officials already had their hands full in preparing for the funeral: “A major security operation has been planned, amid fears it could be disrupted by far-left groups, Irish republicans or individuals obsessed with the Iron Lady.”

Yesterday afternoon’s tragic events in Boston will likely make security even tighter for the funeral procession in central London that will likely attract thousands: “Police already were preparing a major security operation for Wednesday’s ceremonial funeral for former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, an event at St. Paul’s Cathedral that will be attended by Queen Elizabeth II and many dignitaries. The plans call for a procession through the streets of London, with Thatcher’s flag-draped coffin to be carried on a horse-drawn carriage. The funeral’s security plans are expected to be reviewed in light of the Boston bombings.”

Although a security plan is said to be in place, police are also reviewing security arrangements for the London Marathon, which is expected to attract some 36,000 runners, and has its finish line in front of Buckingham Palace. Officials have indicated that they have as yet not found any evidence of a credible threat against the London Marathon.

John Reid, who was Home Secretary (roughly equivalent to our Homeland Security Secretary) under Prime Minister Tony Blair, agreed that security needs to be reevaluated in view of the events in Boston: “While the culprits and motivation behind the US terror attacks are still unclear, this will obviously entail a review of security arrangements for both Lady Thatcher’s funeral and the London Marathon.”

[Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0]