Westboro Baptist Church Pours On The Hate: Threatens to Picket Boston Marathon Funerals [Commentary]

WBC May Picket Boston Marathon Funerals

The hate mongers from the Westboro Baptist Church are at it again, trying to spread their Satanic messages of evil to the world. Earlier this evening, The Inquisitr reported that the WBC expressed their support for the Boston Marathon Bombings on Twitter and Facebook and threatened to picket the funerals of the victims.

Over the past few months, the WBC has repeatedly failed to show up for planned demonstrations. Ever since the church was completely owned by Anonymous after they announced their intentions to picket the funerals of the Newtown Shooting Victims, the Westboro Baptist Church has kept a rather low profile. For a group that claims to have God on their side, they are exhibiting a large amount of cowardice, which is the normal behavior pattern for mentally disturbed hate mongers.

Most sane human beings, even those of us who still believe in a higher power, have long since abandoned the concept of a perfect being who spends his or her time punishing the human race. Just as we refuse to obey the dogma of any church that instructs us to hate other religions, we refuse to embrace the divisive rhetoric of the Westboro Baptist Church. Just as we choose to love every one of our brothers and sisters, no matter their race, gender or sexual orientation, we refuse to spread the loathsome words of the Phelps family and their brainwashed followers.

Since we do accept and support freedom of speech, the members of the WBC have the right (in the United States) to spew their filth and make absolute fools of themselves. On the other hand, the time has come to hold the adult members of the WBC to the same standards as any other American citizen when it comes to the welfare of their minor children.

In most modern societies, any parent who straps a sign covered with hate speech on a minor child, and encourages that child to endanger their safety by parading in public, would receive an immediate visit from the child protection services. Perhaps Governor Brownback of Kansas would be so kind as to explain why the members of the Westboro Baptist Church get a free pass to teach this sort of hate to their children and put their kids at risk. Do they get an exemption from human decency and the laws of civil society simply because they attach some religious significance to their ravings?

While I certainly do not advocate any retaliation or physical violence against the members of the Westboro Baptist Church, I shudder to think what may happen if they show up in Boston to picket the funerals of the Marathon bombing victims. Obviously, the Westboro Baptist Church would love to incite a riot. That way they could proudly display the victim card right next to their well-worn, self-righteous idiot card.

The time has come for the American people to inform the Phelps family and the members of their so-called church that we will not tolerate anyone spreading a message of hate in the name of some twisted fantasy. For every member of the church that shows up in Boston, we should put 10,000 counter-protesters in the streets and celebrate our love for each and every member of the human race.

We should also send messages of support to the victims and their families. Take a moment and go to Twitter and Facebook to let the Westboro Baptist Church know that you choose kindness over brutality and mercy over judgement. Lets drown their message of hatred in a sea of overwhelming love.

Image by Samuel Perry / Shutterstock.com

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