WWE News: Former Superstar Says He Lost His Push Because He Refused To Lose To Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash appears on WWE television

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, former WWE star Pierre Carl Ouellet — who is more commonly known as PCO — revealed that he ruined his reputation with Vince McMahon after refusing to lose to Kevin Nash.

The former Tag Team Champion revealed that the incident is one of the biggest regrets of his career. During the conversation, he said that he wished he had accepted taking the loss.

“Yeah, just to tarnish my reputation a little bit with Vince when I refused to job against Kevin Nash. Should have done the job as soon as it was set up, and I should have gone through the tough time just like Paul Levesque did.”

The Paul Levesque comment was a reference to Triple H, who was punished after the infamous “Curtain Call” incident in the 1990s. Nash and Scott Hall had agreed to join World Championship Wrestling, which led to Triple H and Shawn Michaels hugging them in front of a live audience following their final match.

Michaels wasn’t buried as he was being pushed as a top star at the time, but the incident led to Triple H losing his planned push. While he subsequently recovered and went on to have a great career in WWE, the same can’t be said for PCO.

PCO appears on WWE television as Jean Pierre Lafitte

As documented by eWrestlingNews, PCO had backstage heat with Nash and the other members of The Kliq. PCO was undefeated in the lead up to the bout with Nash, and he didn’t like his opponent’s attitude toward him.

He recalled how he was more than willing to put Nash over as he was the World Champion. However, he didn’t approve of the Hall of Famer being so arrogant about it backstage.

According to PCO, Nash approached him weeks before the match was scheduled to take place and told him how it was going to go down. The conversation wasn’t received positively on PCO’s end.

“If I would have shown up in Montreal and they would have said, ‘OK, of course, Kevin is the champ, we want to put him over,’ I would have said, ‘Yeah, no problem.’ But the fact that they ribbed me with it, it’s the rib that I didn’t like.”

The former superstar was subsequently given a pirate gimmick in 1995, presumably as a punishment for his backstage heat. He left the company that same year.

PCO has experienced a career resurgence in recent years. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he joined Ring of Honor and became a top star in the process. This also resulted in him receiving new entrance theme music courtesy of the most popular composer in WWE history.