Winnie Harlow Rocks A Tan Bikini To Discuss The ‘Jamaican Supreme Court Ruling Against Dreadlocks In School’

Winnie said she wants 'to do something about this' on social media.

Winnie Harlow attends the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2019
Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

Winnie said she wants 'to do something about this' on social media.

Winnie Harlow showed off her flawless body in a tan bikini in a new shot posted to her Instagram account this week, as she shared her thoughts on a controversial new ruling in Jamaica. In the snap, the Victoria’s Secret model looked every inch the superstar when she put her toned body on show and sported seriously long dreadlocks that stretched all the way down to her hips.

Winnie appeared to be on the bow of a boat in the snap posted on Tuesday, August 4, and she gave the camera a very sultry look. The shot was taken from a high angle and showed the former America’s Next Top Model star as she rested both of her elbows on the silver railings.

As for her bikini, the Canadian star — who has Jamaican heritage — stunned in a tan two-piece that made it look as though she wasn’t wearing anything at all.

She wowed in a tiny top which featured small triangles of material over her chest. The top was held up by thin black straps that tied behind her neck and around her torso.

Winnie kept things matching on her bottom half with briefs in the same color that also had thin ties, this time stretched over her hips.

But the upload was about much more than just showing off her bikini body.

In the caption of the upload, Winnie — who recently shared a series of stunning photos of herself as she swam with a dolphin during a vacation to Mexico — opened up about her disappointment after learning that the Jamaican Supreme Court had ruled against a child being able to wear dreadlocks in school.

She spoke candidly about how “sad” the decision made her feel as she encouraged her followers to discuss the decision in the comments section. She added that she was determined “to do something about this” with a broken heart emoji.

As reported by The Washington Post, last week, Jamaica’s high court ruled “that a school was within its rights to demand that a girl cut her dreadlocks to attend classes,” which means schools in the country have the power to ban the hairstyle on its pupils.

The outlet noted that some “viewed the court battle as a stand against rules seen as discrimination against people who wear ‘natural’ hair, including Rastafarians,” for whom the style is “part of their religious tradition.”

Plenty of fans shared their thoughts on the ruling in the comments section of Winnie’s new post.

The upload has received more than 171,000 likes and brought in 730 messages from fans as they discussed the controversial decision.