WWE News: CM Punk Seems To Admit He’s A Fan Of ‘Raw Underground’

CM Punk poses during the a movie premiere at the Chicago International Film Festival.
Robin Marchant / Getty Images

Amid all the negative feedback the new “Raw Underground” segment has received since its debut on Monday night, former WWE Champion CM Punk appeared to show his approval of the concept on the latest episode of Watch Along.

As quoted by Wrestling Inc., Punk commented on the project when the topic was raised on Tuesday night’s episode of Watch Along. According to the former superstar, he “absolutely loved” the idea, though he expressed hopes that he’d see more female wrestlers such as Nia Jax take part in future editions. He also chimed in on the overall concept of a randomly appearing segment that draws inspiration from secret fight clubs.

“The idea that Shane McMahon and all these people would be in the Performance Center for the whole three hours, and they cut into what they’re doing in various segments is pretty cool. Three hours of no holds barred fights and strippers, that’s all I want to see.”

In response to Punk’s remarks, Watch Along co-host Booker T said that the wrestler-turned-MMA-fighter was the first person he thought of when “Raw Underground” made its debut. After Booker jokingly suggested that this might be the thing that will “lure” Punk back to WWE after six years away, the former champ poked fun at the fact he has a 0-2 record in two UFC fights.

“You want me to get that first MMA win, right?” he asked.

Erik and Ivar of The Viking Raiders celebrate at Raw Underground as Shane McMahon calls the segment in the background.

When co-host Renee Young said that she thought the project looked “cool” in terms of its visuals and suggested that Asuka and Liv Morgan could take part in it, Punk responded in jest that Young should consider fighting SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley if female wrestlers are allowed to compete.

“This is the end of the world anyway, with the pandemic and everything. This is just going to degenerate into gladiator fights again.”

Although Punk seemed to put “Raw Underground” over with the aforementioned comments, other people in the wrestling business have been less than complimentary. As reported earlier today by The Inquisitr, several Impact Wrestling personalities — including Josh Mathews, Karl Anderson, and co-executive vice president Scott D’Amore — seemingly poked fun at the concept in a Twitter conversation on Tuesday night, with Anderson remarking that he doesn’t want to see something similar in the company.

Likewise, ex-WWE superstar Miro (formerly Rusev) recently took to Twitter — in a tweet seen here— sarcastically noting that bringing back Shane McMahon to host the segment contradicted the rumors that his former employer wants to build new stars.