‘Big Brother’ Fans Freak Out As CBS Drops Clues About The Identities Of The All-Star Houseguests

'Big Brother's' social media displayed quotes from three of the returning players.

Julie Chen Moonves
Monty Brinton / CBS

'Big Brother's' social media displayed quotes from three of the returning players.

Big Brother fans are close to finding out the identities of the all-star houseguests for Season 22, but social media clues could provide an early reveal for a few of the returning players.

After giving viewers a tour of the Big Brother 22 house hosted virtually by Julie Chen Moonves, the BB powers-that-be gifted superfans with quotes from three of the mystery houseguests who will return for another shot at the $500,000 grand prize.

Big Brother host Julie Chane
  Monty Brinton / CBS

In a series of Instagram posts, which can be seen below, quotes were shared by three of the veteran players. The first quote, displayed against an orange background, featured one of the all-stars comparing the Big Brother house to a business deal that will take three months to close.

In comments to the post, many believed the quote was from Janelle Pierzina, a two-time Big Brother veteran who now works as a real estate agent. Janelle has long been rumored to be on the all-star cast.

“Obviously Janelle,” one fan wrote in the comments. “Her realtor is showing.”

The second quote, printed on a blue backing, had a past player lamenting over the fact that on his or her first go-around, their gameplay was “majorly distracted” by a showmance.

While a couple of last summer’s Big Brother players chimed in with some funny guesses as to who said the line — Ovi Kabir wrote “My guess is Cliff Hogg,” in reference to his very married former housemate last season, while Kat Dunn joked, “Me” — fans were torn between several past showmancers, including Nicole Franzel, Bayleigh Dayton, and Tyler Crispen. All three have turned up on rumored Big Brother: All-Stars cast lists.

“Bayleigh Dayton Winner of BB22 said this one, ” a commenter predicted.

And the third line, displayed on a hot pink background, was from an excited houseguest who was ready to play Big Brother on a “new day.” For this one, fans place the emphasis on the “day,” as in Da’Vonne Rogers, a beloved fan-favorite who goes by a cute nickname.

‘We all know it’s Mama Day,” one fan wrote.

“Da’Vonne is literally the only right answer,” another added.

Big Brother watchers were disappointed last week when a previously teased cast announcement was scrapped on CBS All Access. Instead, for the first time ever in the show’s 20-year history, the reveal will come during a live move-in special.

The new quotes are by far the biggest clues viewers have received so far this season.