‘RHONY’ Star Leah McSweeney Slams Ramona Singer For Calling Someone A ‘Servant’ And Claiming Season Was Rough

Leah is disgusted with her co-star's behavior.

Leah McSweeney and Ramona Singer are seen on 'RHONY' Season 12.
Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

Leah is disgusted with her co-star's behavior.

Leah McSweeney isn’t impressed with the way Ramona Singer has been behaving on recent episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City and has taken to her Instagram stories to air her grievances.

On Tuesday, August 4, days after the cast was seen traveling to a resort in Mexico, where Ramona labeled one of the staff members a “servant,” Leah reacted to a statement Ramona made about having a “rough” time amid Season 12 due to all of the alcohol consumption that was going on.

Ahead of Leah’s reaction, Ramona had responded to a fan who suggested she was acting like a “jerk” and treating Leah “horribly.”

“You have been acting like a jerk this season, treating Leah horribly. It’s a little late to clean up your image Ramona. Just [be] nice, I like you better that way,” the person wrote in the comments section of an Instagram post.

“It’s been a rough season for all especially with all the drinking going on,” the reality star replied.

Her comment came on the heels of another comment left on social media in which Ramona agreed with another fan who suggested she appeared to be the only member of the cast who wasn’t suffering from a drinking problem.

As viewers of the RHONY well know, the ladies of the show have been thoroughly letting loose for weeks with wild alcohol binges that have been highly criticized by their audience on social media.

After seeing what her cast mate told the fan, Leah offered a response of her own and didn’t hold back as she slammed Ramona for calling the resort staffer a “servant.” As Leah explained, she never did anything nearly as despicable as what Ramona did, even though she got drunk on a number of occasions throughout production on the show last year.

“No matter how drunk and ‘crazy’ I behaved… I still never called anyone a servant. What is her excuse?” Leah wondered in a statement to her fans and followers on her Instagram stories.

Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, and Leah McSweeney are seen on 'RHONY' Season 12.
Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, and Leah McSweeney are seen on the ‘RHONY’. Heidi Gutman / Bravo

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ramona seemingly agreed with a woman on social media last month that she’s been portrayed as the villain of RHONY. After the user said that Bravo’s new edit of the show would peg her as the bad guy and encouraged her to walk away from the series once the latest installment wraps, Ramona said people like her would “see through it.”