Instagram Model Caroline O’Mahony Shows Off Her Booty & Sculpted Abs In High-Waist Panties

Fitness model Caroline O’Mahony put her sculpted lower body on display in her latest Instagram upload. For the post, she wore high-waist panties along with a matching cropped top which gave fans a view of her midsection and backside.

The 22-year-old is known for putting in serious work at the gym, and in the update she discussed her workout routine while showing off her gains. She took the selfie at home and posted a side-by-side of the image on her page.

O’Mahony stood on hardwood flooring, and in the background was a clock, a small table, and a fireplace. The backdrop had neutral coloring which helped her tanned skin stand out. She took a full-body pic as she turned to the side, and placed her right leg in front of her body. The popular YouTuber held the phone in one hand while grabbing the bottom of her shirt with the other. O’Mahony had her long dark hair parted to the left and it cascaded down her back.

The Irish beauty sported a tight black cropped tank top that left her shoulders exposed and had thin straps. O’Mahony wore matching high-waist underwear that hugged onto her frame and outlined her defined booty. She had a smartwatch on one wrist, and a hair tie around the other. The social media influencer had pursed lips and stared into the phone while snapping the photo. Fans were treated to a clear view of her rock-hard abs and chiseled legs.

In the caption, O’Mahony mentioned how she had tweaked her workout routine by increasing her caloric intake and hours of sleep. She discussed the importance of setting goals at the beginning of the month, and included several hashtags including “#training” and “#coaching.”

O’Mahony uploaded the pics on Tuesday afternoon for her 672,000 Instagram followers. Many of them quickly noticed the stunning shot, and more than 10,000 made their way to the “like” button in just over two hours after the post went online. The replies were littered with heart-eyes emoji, and compliments from fans.

“You’re proof that girls [like] me can lift heavy and still look feminine,” one supportive follower wrote.

“Your figure is insaaaane,” a fan replied while adding heart-eye emoji.

“Seriously girl wooowww,” another added.

“If there was a third I would call you a triple threat,” an Instagram user joked.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier in the week O’Mahony showcased her jaw-dropping figure in matching bra and underwear ensemble. That scintillating snap earned nearly 27,000 likes.