Carrie Underwood's Husband Reveals Her Talent He Doesn't Like & Shares Photos From Fun Getaway

Carrie Underwood's husband, former professional hockey player Mike Fisher, revealed that there's at least one sport that his wife can beat him at.

On Tuesday, Mike, 40, took to Instagram to share some photos of his talented spouse and himself that were snapped during a recent fly fishing trip. The athlete's competitive side showed in the caption of his post, where he confessed that Carrie, 37, always catches bigger fish than he does.

The retired NHL star also admitted that he doesn't like that his wife has more of an aptitude for fly fishing than he does. However, he didn't let the sting of being bested with a rod and reel stop him from celebrating one of Carrie's big catches on his Instagram page. He even shared a photo of his own much smaller catch so that fans could see exactly how much larger hers was.

In the first of the two snapshots that he posted, the avid sportsman was pictured holding up a tiny rainbow trout that wasn't much longer than one of his hands. He flashed a big smile at the camera as he posed in front of a wide river surrounded by dense trees. A few other fishermen could be seen wading in the shallow water behind him. He was clad in a red T-shirt and a charcoal gray baseball cap. He also had on a pair of dark shades.

In the second photo, Carrie looked casual and cute in a pastel purple T-shirt and a matching baseball cap. Her blond hair was styled in pigtails. "The Champion" hitmaker was flashing her pearly whites at the camera as she held a large rainbow trout up in front of her. The shiny animal had speckled scales and a purple stripe down the center of its body that matched her outfit. Her catch appeared to be significantly longer than her forearm.

In response to her husband's Instagram post, Carrie gloated over another area that she beats him in when it comes to angling.

"I catch more, too," she wrote in the comments section.

Mike's other followers also had plenty to say about his social media upload.

"She's got the touch! Aww love that this is how you guys spend quality time," wrote one fan.

"Matches her shirt too! Lol," another message read.

"Even her fish is shocked about the size difference," quipped a third commenter.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Carrie and her husband celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last month by heading to Wyoming on another fun getaway. During that trip, the pair went horseback riding and did a little more fly fishing.