Adrienne Bailon Appears Completely Nude While Posing In The Sun For Stunning Photos

Adrienne Bailon attends the launch of PrettyLittleThing by Kourtney Kardashian.
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Adrienne Bailon, who is currently on the panel for The Real, took to Instagram to share a number of new eye-catching photos of herself. The Cheetah Girls actress is known for showing off her outfits via the social media platform but didn’t appear to have much fashion going on for her most recent upload.

The “No More (Baby I’ma Do it Right)” hitmaker stunned in a large white hat with straw hanging off. Bailon was seemingly not wearing any garments and looked to be embracing her body. She covered herself with her long wavy brunette hair and a large white-and-cream handbag. Bailon accessorized herself with a bracelet and kept her nails short for the occasion. She didn’t wear any socks or footwear and displayed her feet, showing off her pedicure toes.

The former 3LW member treated followers to three images within one upload.

In the first shot, Bailon was captured in front of a plain white sheet on a wooden chair. She raised one foot on the seat and wrapped her foot underneath her other leg. The 36-year-old lifted one arm in the air and rested the other on the arm of the chair. The straw from the hat covered a lot of Bailon’s face but she appeared to have her eyes closed. She tilted her head to the side and was clearly glowing in the sunny weather.

In the next slide, Bailon was snapped closer up, sporting a similar pose.

In the third and final frame, she was photographed side-on. The singer held the bag with both her hands to cover her chest area and kept her eyes closed.

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Here comes the sun… ⛅️ I hope you find the kind of love that makes you a softer person. The kind of love that makes you want to be a better man or woman, the kind of love that believes in you and supports you, that stands by your side. I hope you find someone who quickly becomes your favourite thing — someone who makes the fall less fearful, someone you can’t help but choose every single day. I hope you find someone who shows you just how deeply you can feel, just how deeply you can love. I hope you find something real, because nothing is more beautiful than loving someone who loves you back. Nothing is more beautiful than loving someone who builds you a home in their heart. I hope you find acceptance. The kind that rings through your bones, the kind that quiets the voice inside of you that tells you that you are not good enough, or that you are falling behind. I hope you forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made, for the past you keep alive inside of you. I hope you learn to let go — of the things you had to do in order to heal, or to grow, or to survive. You are doing your best. Please don’t ever forget that.

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In the span of two hours, her post racked up more than 12,000 likes and over 150 comments, proving to be very popular with her 5 million followers.

“Your caption is everything and so are you,” one user wrote.

“You are looking extra fine!” another person shared.

“That hat is amazing,” remarked a third fan.

“Girl that sun is loving your skin and that hat is everything,” a fourth admirer commented.

Impressing her loyal social media audience with her beauty is nothing new for Bailon. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the entertainer wowed in a white crop top that featured one strap. Bailon paired the outfit with high-waisted panties and accessorized with a bracelet and small aviator sunglasses. She wrapped a light-colored bag from her own brand, La Voute, around her body and posed in a number of black-and-white pics that didn’t go unnoticed.