Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow & Michael Connect While Nelle’s Scrambling

Chad Duell films with twins Erik and Theo Olson on 'General Hospital'
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Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital will show the emotional moments that Nelle Benson, Michael Corinthos, and Willow Tait navigate as they wait for the judge’s decision in their custody battle. The last portion of the hearing was a jaw-dropper and spoilers suggest that everybody will be feeling emotional as the wait continues.

Given the outburst that Wiley’s biological mother had during the court hearing, it would seem almost certain that the judge will rule against her. However, that is not known for certain yet and General Hospital teasers hint that she will be scrambling to find a way to turn things back in her favor.

Nelle tore into Nina Reeves over her testimony and tearfully pointed out that the Crimson editor had been the one person she thought truly cared about her. Feeling all alone again, it appears that she will track down Valentin Cassadine and make some demands.

He thought he had already taken care of her and he had focused on moving forward in his pursuit of taking over ELQ. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that during Wednesday’s show, she will do her best to pull her back into her web of chaos and deceit.

The sneak peek for the August 5 show reveals that she’ll demand that Valentin give her what she needs. She’ll threaten that if he doesn’t, she’ll blow him out of the water.

She does have at least a little bit of leverage over him, as she knows that he provided forged documents for her and arranged to have damning evidence misplaced at the PCPD. However, it seems unlikely that he’ll feel particularly threatened by her.

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The preview also showed that Michael and Willow will spend time together at the Quartermaine mansion. After their appearance in front of the judge wrapped, they decided that being with Wiley at home together was the best way to celebrate what they thought was good news for their case.

General Hospital teasers share that Willow will tell her new husband that the three of them, including the little boy, make a good team. These two didn’t get married out of love for one another, but fans have suspected this friendship and partnership may soon shift into a romance. While of them is thinking that way yet, her testimony and this quiet time as a family may well plant some seeds about what a future together could look like.

Unfortunately, they still have the baby’s mother to contend with and SheKnows Soaps details that she’ll be making new demands — insisting that she be allowed to spend time with her son. This is guaranteed to become a contentious situation.

Fans are thrilled to have new shows airing again and this storyline seemingly has some enticing twists and turns on the way. General Hospital spoilers signal that this will get increasingly intense in the days ahead and people cannot wait to see what comes next.