Joe Biden Is Being Told Not To Debate With Donald Trump Due To ‘Serious Cognitive Decline,’ Columnist Says

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden delivers a speech in Delaware.
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Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine claimed on Tuesday that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is being told to avoid debating Donald Trump due to his declining cognitive state, Sky News reported.

“They’re all saying ‘no no please don’t do, whatever you do, don’t debate Trump,” Devine said to Sky News’ Alan Jones.

“And they’re not admitting it’s because Joe Biden has serious cognitive decline, which anyone who’s seen him up close – as I have – knows and can tell from a mile off. It’s all about keeping Joe Biden in the basement because he’s actually doing nothing.”

Devine’s comments came after two New York Times columns last month that suggested Biden should avoid debating Trump— although one piece supported the possibility if the real estate mogul meets two conditions set by Democrats. Despite the focus on the pressure on the presumptive nominee to avoid debating Trump, CNN noted that such reports are being promoted primarily by right-wing media. The outlet also pointed out that Biden’s campaign has already agreed to three debates with Trump.

Biden spokesperson TJ Ducklo suggested in a statement that conservative outlets are trying to manufacture a nonexistent problem.

“Donald Trump and his allies at Fox News have decided an imaginary controversy about debates will be their latest attempt to distract Americans from the president’s disastrous response to the coronavirus, which has cost 150,000 Americans their lives and left millions jobless.”

According to Ducklo, Biden has accepted the debate commission’s invitation for three debates, while Trump has yet to do so.

Former Vice President Joe Biden delivers a speech at the William Hicks Anderson Community Center, on July 28, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware.
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As for Biden’s alleged cognitive decline, it continues to be a source of speculation among the left and right. Conservative commentator Dan Bongino recently claimed that sources close to the situation told him Biden’s purported mental contraction is rapidly growing worse.

Conversely, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang — who has endorsed Biden for president — claims that the candidate did not appear to be suffering from any decline when on his podcast, Here’s the Deal. Yang suggested on his own podcast that concerns around his fellow Democrat’s mental state are overblown, given his experience with the 77-year-old politician.

Trump himself has been the subject of concern over his health and come under particular scrutiny after various public appearances where he appeared to slur his words and walked with a strange gait. As The Inquisitr reported, author Don Winslow claimed on Saturday that three sources told him that the president has suffered from a series of mini-strokes, which refers to a transient ischemic attack. According to Harvard Medical School, these medical events can act as primers for a real stroke.