Ubisoft Montreal CEO Says Public Is Ready For ‘Always On’

Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat has waded into the “always on” controversy with both feet. The head of the one of the top gaming studios in the country has claimed that he believes that the gaming audience is ready and waiting for a device that has always on capabilities.

A conversation that it seems likely Microsoft wishes would just go away continues to get renewed by people in the gaming community who should know better. There have been rumors for a while that the Xbox 720 will have a need to always be online.

Most people in the gaming community have been quite vocal about their dislike of this particular feature. The last time an executive tried to defend a feature that hasn’t actually been confirmed, he actually ended up losing his job.

Ubisoft Montreal CEO Mallat made the comments about his beliefs during an interview with The Guardian. In all fairness to Mr. Mallat his comments were quite a bit more subdued than Orth’s

He also didn’t really go looking to create controversy as much as he was asked a question and he was nice enough to actually answer it. He could have said he didn’t want to wade into that particular viper’s nest considering the trouble that had been caused already.

The young CEO instead made the only argument that might not get people too fired up. He noted that most people are always connected anyway. He was also careful not to say that the gaming community didn’t necessarily want to have a console that needed a constant Internet connection.

His comments seemed to be more along the lines of knowing that people could adjust if that feature came along. In other words, instead of telling people that they should just deal with the prospect of a console that needs to have a web connection, he said he felt like they could.

Do you agree with Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat when it comes to the average gamer and the prospect of always online requirements?