Donald Trump Slammed For ‘Willful Ignorance’ By Ex Republican Official

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a signing ceremony for the Great American Outdoors Act in the East Room of the White House on August 4, 2020 in Washington, DC. The new public lands law aims to fix crumbling national park infrastructure and permanently fund The Land and Water Conservation Fund.
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

A former spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, Tim Miller, slammed President Donald Trump in a column for The Bulwark as willfully ignorant regarding the threat that the coronavirus pandemic poses to the United States.

“In two incidents yesterday, this willful ignorance was on full display,” Miller wrote.

The first of those occasions that Miller believed highlighted Trump’s refusal to accept the seriousness of the pandemic included his tweet calling Dr. Deborah Birx, who is a member of the White House coronavirus task force, “pathetic.” The tweeted came after Birx admitted on Sunday that the virus is worse now than it was in April and May because it is in both urban and rural areas.

The second moment Miller referenced was President Trump’s interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios last night.

During the discussion, the two argued over where the United States stands on deaths related to the coronavirus pandemic. While Trump insisted that the U.S. was the best in the world for mortality as a percentage of cases, Swan pointed out that the country is doing far worse than its peers in deaths as a percentage of the overall population. They went back and forth over this line of questioning for more than two minutes during the interview. Miller, who now advises The Lincoln Project, wrote that the president is incapable of recognizing and understanding the true nature of the risk the infection poses to the U.S.

“His malignant narcissism means that he is consumed by the need for constant praise. He is completely incapable of giving a sh*t about whether Americans are dying since it’s so much less important than whether people are nice to him on TV,” Miller said.

Miller claimed that Trump is either too ignorant to understand that deaths per capita is the more relevant statistic, or that the president is unwilling to acknowledge the failure.

During their discussion, the president told Swan he could not look at the deaths related to the overall population in the country, and the interviewer disagreed with Trump. Although Trump’s charts appeared to show that things were going well, it is not the only measure by which the effects are measured, especially since the number of those who died in the U.S. have topped 159,000 with an average of 1,000 Americans passing away each day as a result of the virus.

Additionally, Trump declined to take responsibility for leading the fight against the “invisible enemy” of the virus. When Swan confronted the president with the numbers of Americans dying each day from COVID-19, his response was, “They are dying that’s true. It is what it is.”