'Below Deck Mediterranean' Star Captain Sandy Yawn Admits That She Was Concerned About Chef KiKo From Day One

Below Deck Mediterranean star Captain Sandy Yawn made her feelings known about Hindrigo "KiKo" Lorran on Watch What Happens Live Monday night, per BravoTV. The leader of The Wellington crew believed that the Brazilian was unqualified to be the chef on a super yacht and never should have accepted the role. Sandy went so far as to call him "selfish" for keeping a position beyond his abilities.

Sandy has been tough on KiKo this season. The captain was often in the galley communicating the guests' food critiques and continuously pushed him to do a better job. At one point, KiKo broke down in tears after his boss told him that the cuisine was not up to the standards that she had expected on a super yacht. He left the boat during the last episode.

Sandy admitted on Watch What Happens Live that she had concerns from day one.

"KiKo clearly didn't have the training, and I saw his resume," Sandy told host Andy Cohen.

She further explained that he had previously worked as a chef for the crew on a yacht. That is a very different role than what he had on The Wellington. Sandy believed that KiKo's meals were good at the crew level, but his food was not up to snuff for charter guests.

The Brazilian revealed on the show that he was trying to become better at his craft. This was an approach that Sandy considered "selfish."

"KiKo was only thinking about KiKo and what his goal was," she said.

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN -- Season:5 -- Pictured: Hindrigo Lorran
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Sandy went on to explain that since the chef is part of a larger team, he needed to pull his weight. While KiKo was looking out for himself, as the leader of the yacht, she needed to look out for the entire boat.

"As a captain I have to make sure the whole is getting everything that they need."
Several conversations between the two did not make it to air, and Sandy gave the Brazilian many opportunities to leave on his own accord. She wished that she didn't have to fire KiKo, and instead, he would have recognized that he did not have the skill set to be successful.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, fans have rallied around KiKo since the episode aired where he became emotional. Some fans blamed the chief stewardess for the dinner that was so heavily panned by Sandy. Hannah Ferrier gave KiKo her stamp of approval on the Las Vegas-themed dinner. Sandy did not believe that the chief stewardess had a role in the failed feast.