Donny Osmond Kisses Wife Debbie In Romantic Pic: ‘Am I Lucky Or What?’

Donny Osmond kissed his wife Debbie in a romantic new pic that was shared with Instagram. The two were seen, lips touching, in a sweet moment captured by a person named Tom, whom Donny thanked in the caption of the post. He hashtagged the photo with the words “#love of my life.”

In the photo, both Debbie and Donny were dressed in black. Debbie’s shoulder-length blond hair was held back away from the sides of her face and secured at the back of her head. Long bangs brushed her eyelids, which were closed, as she kissed her handsome husband. She wore gold hoop earrings on her earlobes. Debbie’s right hand rested atop her husband’s left shoulder and her left fingertips could be seen resting on the small of his back.

Donny wore a black turtleneck. The sleeves were pushed up and a gold wristwatch could be seen on his left wrist as he hugged his wife.

The couple appeared to have been photographed in front of a doorway. Dark-colored double doors were seen, which featured glass inlays with gold trim.

Married for 42 years, Donny and Debbie met when they were just teenagers and tied the knot in 1979 at the respective ages of 20 and 19. Together they share five sons named Donald Jr., Jeremy, Brandon, Christopher, and Joshua and boast 10 grandchildren.

Fans of the twosome are appreciative of the love the couple displays for one another. In numerous interviews, Donny has always spoken well of Debbie and has cited her ability to keep their household running and raise their boys in a stable environment while he was on the road. He once said in an interview with Utah Valley 360 of their relationship that he believes he and his wife share an equal partnership in their marriage.

The loving photo delighted the singer’s 207,000 followers.

“I think you are both equally lucky,” commented one follower.

“I remember walking home to the Riviera Apartments in 1977 and seeing you two kissing in a car. I hurried away to give you privacy. I remember thinking you had caught yourself a beauty,” said a second fan, speaking of a youthful moment between the twosome when they were still dating.

“We all hit the jackpot when you married Debbie. She’s kept you grounded and we all love that about you so much,” stated a third fan of the singer.

“Awe… A great picture. A great couple,” said a fourth follower.