Anastasiya Kvitko Shows Off Her Voluptuous Figure In A Tiny White Bikini

Anastasiya Kvitko takes a selfie
Anastasiya Kvitko / Instagram

Anastasiya Kvitko posted a new pair of bikini photos on her Instagram page Monday afternoon. The “Russian Kim Kardashian” of social media seemed to cause quite a stir among her millions of followers with this look and she teasingly asked what people thought of her swimsuit.

The bikini that the model wore appeared to be relatively basic. Kvitko’s fans would surely argue, however, that nothing is particularly basic when she wears it. Her insane hourglass curves were fully on display with this string-tie two-piece and some might suggest she was quite close to a wardrobe malfunction with the tiny triangle top.

Kvitko noted that this was from Fashion Nova and it seemed the perfect choice for showing off her notoriously curvy physique. The first photo showed the Russian beauty from the side next to a building and she had one leg bent to seemingly accentuate her round posterior.

She appeared to have her eyes closed and she tousled her blond tresses with one hand. Just a thin string and the tie of her bottoms showed from this angle, and a lot of underboob made an appearance with this revealing garment.

“hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” one of Kvitko’s fans commented.

The second photo showed Kvitko wearing the same bathing suit, but she had changed her positioning slightly. This time, her flat tummy could be seen along with a hint of her curvy backside. In addition, it was clear that her deep cleavage was barely contained with this ensemble.

“Perfect body sweetie you look amazing,” someone noted.

Kvitko’s Instagram posts almost always garner a lot of attention and this time was no exception. The new uploads were only 30 minutes old when the number of likes had already topped 20,000. The model currently touts 11.4 million followers, and more than 550 of them commented quickly on these new photos as well.

“It was made for you sweetie,” another person said of the ensemble.

“Very sensual, princess, I love you, you are perfect,” detailed another fan of Kvitko’s.

Choosing white isn’t necessarily unusual for Kvitko, as she has showcased her figure in that color before. It certainly looked phenomenal against her tanned, flawless skin.

The “Russian Kim Kardashian” has developed a reputation for modeling garments that she practically spills out of in her snaps. This latest post demonstrated that she still loves that style and her followers certainly weren’t complaining. When Kvitko shares sexy, revealing uploads like this, no explanation or excuse is needed and nobody asks many questions.