'General Hospital' Shocker Revealed, Fan-Favorite Character Back As Previously Rumored

General Hospital aired a new episode on Monday, its first since production went on hold in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Spoilers heading into this August 3 episode had promised viewers that the first five minutes would contain something shocking, and that was indeed the case. It had been rumored that actor Dominic Zamprogna was back as Dante Falconeri, and the writers didn't leave people hanging on this one for very long.

There were a handful of different things that the writers could have done during the first five minutes back that would have generated a significant response from the viewers. However, showing Dante right away appeared to be a great way to go.

As Entertainment Weekly revealed shortly before the August 3 show started, Zamprogna's character was shown in a room at a WSB facility in Geneva, Switzerland. He was initially shown facedown on a bed, sleeping, in a dark, stark room.

He was having a nightmare that seemed to take him back to the trauma he endured while undercover. As General Hospital viewers remember, he was suffering from severe PTSD as a result of his time in Turkey and he left Port Charles to ensure he didn't harm his loved ones.

Dominic Zamprogna films as Dante on 'General Hospital'
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

The nightmare that was shown right away during this new episode of General Hospital awakened Dante and he looked sweaty and disheveled as he tried to regain his composure.

What does all of this mean? General Hospital fans have seen Zamprogna return for short stints before. The characters of Olivia and Lulu have talked about him frequently, and fans have been speculating for months that he'd probably be back soon.

In fact, during the General Hospital production hiatus, the actor openly revealed that he had talked to executive producer Frank Valentini about returning. This time, however, he was looking to stick around long-term. It seems that the show didn't hesitate to take him up on this expression of his interest.

At this point, Olivia remains in the dark about her son's location and mental state. She has been increasingly stressed over her worries and it's starting to cause a strain in her marriage to Ned.

As for Lulu, she has slowly moved forward in a new romance with hunky teacher Dustin. A return to town by her ex-husband would certainly cause a lot of chaos for all involved.

Right now, General Hospital spoilers do not reveal anything further about this major development. Now that it has been revealed that the character is back in the mix of things, however, more information should emerge soon.

Fans are thrilled to finally have General Hospital airing new content again, and it looks like there are juicy storyline developments on the horizon.