Shawn Johnson Posts Hilarious Video Of Daughter Drew Eating Lemons

Gymnast Shawn Johnson attends day one of the Kia Luxury Lounge presented by ZIRH at Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts on January 30, 2015 in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Taylor Hill / Getty Images

Shawn Johnson posted an adorable video of her infant daughter, Drew Hazel East, eating lemons to Instagram, and the result was a sweet and sour expression from both the little girl and her parents, who introduced the fruit with hilarious results. The clip appeared to have been shot at the celebrity’s home in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the clip, Shawn and her husband Andrew flanked their daughter as they allowed her to eat the sour fruit for the first time. In the video taken in the couple’s white-tiled kitchen, Andrew tried it along with Drew. He bit into the slice and quickly shook his head at the bitter taste.

On the other hand, Drew, cradled in her mother’s arms, appeared to try and understand what she was eating from the quizzical expression on her face. Her mother removed the lemon, and she appeared to have no reaction. She then pushed Shawn’s hand back to her mouth once again to have a second try.

It was then that the little girl reacted, scrunching up her face and shaking her body in response to the sour taste.

Shawn then tried to give her the slice a third time, and it was then that the 10-month-old really bit into the fruit. In response, Andrew said she was “going for it” by the gusto at which she enjoyed the new treat. Again, Drew’s face showed her reaction to the taste, prompting laughter from both her parents.

“I think that’s enough,” stated Shawn to the baby’s enthusiastic response to the new flavor experience.

The baby wore adorable pink pajamas in the share. The print on the two-piece sleepwear featured unicorns and white piping on the neckline and sleeves. Her cheeks were flushed pink.

Andrew sported a backward, dark baseball cap atop his head and a white T-shirt. Shawn kept her overall look casual in a camouflage-print sweatshirt, and her blond hair tied back in a loosely twisted French braid.

Fans of the former gold-medal-winning Olympic gymnast loved being able to witness the sweet family moment.

“We did this with pickles the other night and our daughter LOOOOVED them,” remarked one fan.

“My kid is only a couple of months younger… I can’t wait for her to try lemon,” explained a second fan.

“Omg, my baby did the same thing!!!!!! She was obsessed,” said a third Instagram user of the cute moment.

“She is so precious,” stated a fourth fan.