Ainsley Rodriguez Flaunts Chiseled Abs & Sculpted Legs In Partner Workout With Her Boyfriend

Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez took to social media site Instagram on Sunday, August 2, to post a new workout video that featured her boyfriend.

The workout took place in an indoor space that appeared to be a basement or garage as several bikes, pieces of equipment, and machines could be seen in the background. The space was also equipped with a large, flat-screen television, black gym flooring, and wood flooring.

Ainsley wore a pink sports bra with spaghetti straps that showed off her sculpted arms, shoulders, and back muscles. On her lower half, the fitness trainer wore a pair of tiny white shorts that revealed the length of her curvy legs and emphasized her pert backside. A gap between the top and bottoms showed off her chiseled ab muscles. Ainsley completed the look with a pair of sneakers and wore her dark tresses pulled back into a low bun.

The model’s beau sported a pair of gray shorts and white sneakers, going completely bare on his upper half and showing off his muscular abs and arms.

In the video, the couple performed both partner work and solo work, depending on the activity. They began with kickboxing, using a large bag to practice their punches. Ainsley went first, throwing several punches with her hands encased in puffy, white boxing gloves. The eye was drawn to her muscular abdomen as she completed the activity. Her boyfriend went next, performing the same routine as his girlfriend, and then they continued switching back and forth.

After both Ainsley and her boyfriend took several turns on the punching bag, they dropped to the floor for a couple of other exercises that included passing a weight back and forth and pushing down on their legs.

A video playing on the television screen showed that they were following a Fight Camp workout. Ainsley confirmed that the exercises were from the home system in her caption. She wrote that the program allows them to work out on their own or together. She recommends Fight Camp for anyone training at home with their significant other and added that they can buy gloves and wraps through the Tribe package.

The new post earned a few thousand likes and dozens of comments within the first day.

“Your form has gotten so much better!!!” one Instagram user complimented Ainsley in the comments section of the post.

“Never would have suspected it, besides killing them with your looks, you can knock them dead with your fists…your straight right is killer!” another fan commented.