John Legend Shares A Sweet Sunday Snapshot Featuring His Children

Singer, producer and actor John Legend turned to Instagram on Sunday, August 2, to share a sweet snapshot featuring him and his two children, Luna and Miles. The two children sat on either side of Legend at their kitchen table enjoying a breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Modern kitchen appliances could be seen behind the trio.

Despite the fact that the photo was taken in the morning, Legend appeared as handsome and put together as always. He wore an unbuttoned gray dress shirt and accessorized with a lavish gold watch. He flashed a smile for the camera, showing off his extra white teeth.

Legend's 4-year-old daughter, Luna, sat to his left, still in her blue pajamas with snow flakes on them. The little girl's brown curly hair was still in disarray but she appeared to be truly enjoying the breakfast. She smiled at the camera while holding a tiny pink fork in one hand.

Little Miles looked less enthused. He sported a gray pajama top with a picture of the moon on it and had a grimace on his face as he stared at the camera.

In his caption, Legend informed his fans that he makes this special breakfast for his family every single Sunday. He jokingly noted that Miles did enjoy the food, despite his expression, which might suggest otherwise.

The sweet post quickly accumulated a plethora of likes, reaching over 95,000 in only a couple of hours after it was shared online. Legend boasts a total of 12.8 million followers on the platform overall. His many fans took to the comments section to compliment him on the sweet photo. Others recalled happy memories of their own fathers preparing a special breakfast for them.

"My dad did the same thing. A wonderful memory," gushed one fan.

"I will just assume Miles looks upset because he wanted more pancakes!" joked another social media user.

"That's our Sunday tradition too!" remarked another fan.

"We have breakfast for dinner every Sunday. Which includes pancakes of course!" wrote one more person.

Legend limited the comments on this particular post, as his wife, Chrissy Teigen, has also been doing. With this feature, only people that Legend follows back on Instagram or those he personally approves can leave a comment. This is likely a result of the many negative comments the couple have been getting on social media in recent weeks.

The online backlash is due to ongoing rumors that Legend and his wife were in some way connected to the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. There is no evidence thus far to prove this, as The Inquisitr previously reported.