BPD Calls In All Off Duty Officers After Boston Marathon Bombing [Press Conference]

boston marathon bombing

The Boston Police Department is currently getting ready to begin a press conference during which official BPD information on the situation at the Boston Marathon will be reported.

The BPD press conference is underway. We will update this post as the press conference continues.

Deval Patrick is currently speaking, calling the Boston Marathon bombing a “horrific attack.”

BPD Commissioner Ed Davis confirms two blasts and “multiple casualties” at each location.

Davis confirms a third incident and says the JFK Library explosion may be related. The BPD is currently treating the third explosion as suspicious and possibly related.

Anyone in Boston is being urged to stay home.

Davis advises anyone seeking possible victims to call 617-635-4500. Anyone with information is being urged to call 800-494-TIPS.

To a question as to whether the bombing in Boston was “terrorism,” Davis replied:

“You can reach your own conclusions based on what’s happened.”

Gov. Deval Patrick is urging calm but also urging anyone in Boston to head to their homes or hotels as the situation remains “fluid.”

Boston Police may be “blowing things up” over the next several hours due to the number of items discarded along the route of the Boston Marathon in the ensuing chaos.

The BPD press conference has officially concluded. People on the ground in Boston have also been urged to use the BPD Twitter updates to stay abreast of safety guidelines, and most recently, the BPD has tweeted: