‘Need For Speed’ Developer Criterion Making New Game, Not Racing This Time

Criterion, the developer behind the Need for Speed series of racing games, is working on a new title, but it’s not a racing game.

Anyone who’s been into racing titles in the last decade probably knows about the Need for Speed games. It was a little under the radar until the Vin Diesel remake of The Fast and The Furious came along. Then suddenly, the Need for Speed series became a bunch of Fast and Furious clones, starting with Need for Speed: Underground. The race series began drifting away from the trend a few games later with Need for Speed: Most Wanted, though the visual Turbo effect stuck with the series.

It was rumored recently that Criterion was going to try a reboot to the Need for Speed series, due to a picture that was leaked online. That rumor has since been squashed on Twitter by none other than Criterion’s creative director Alex Ward, who said that the company has moved on, and there are no remakes or reboots.

Just today, Alex Ward tweeted about the game in the making, saying, “After a decade of making racing games, it’s time to make something new. It is early day thus I have nothing to ‘announce’ or talk about.”

So with the idea of remakes and reboots out of the question, and the exclusion of racing titles, what could Criterion be working on now? He shot down Black 2 as well, saying he will save that for when he gets a book deal.

Need for Speed, Burnout, and Black 2 have all been ruled out. Could he be considering possibly a mascot title or perhaps something completely out of the ordinary for Criterion’s track record, like a real-time strategy game or a MMORPG? Alex Ward is keeping tight-lipped on what the new game is, so we’ll know as soon as Criterion decides to release further info.

After over a decade of making racing games it’s time to make something new. It is early days thus I have nothing to “announce” or talk about

— Alex Ward (@AlexanderJWard) April 15, 2013

No Black2 either folks. Volumes to tell on that topic, but will save that forwhen I get a book deal…

— Alex Ward (@AlexanderJWard) April 15, 2013

What do you think Need for Speed developer Criterion’s next game might be?