Boston Marathon Explosion: Bombs Found At JFK Library And Mandarin Hotel? [Breaking]

[UPDATE, 6.38pm: Another twist in the tale? Boston Police have tweeted a statement from Commissioner Ed Davis: “The preliminary investigation indicates JFK incident may not have been an explosion. It may have been a fire.”]

[UPDATE, 6.23pm: The JFK Library has tweeted to say all visitors and staff are accounted for. The fire in the building is out.

[UPDATE, 5.03pm: To confirm, a third incident (in addition to the two explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line) has occurred at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. The library previously denied there was a link between a 3pm fire and the Boston Marathon explosions, but police are now treating the events as related.]

[UPDATE, 4.57pm: Boston Police Department has tweeted: “A third incident at JFK library. Not certain related- but BPD treating like they are #tweetfromthebeat via @CherylFiandaca”]

ORIGINAL STORY: After the Boston Marathon explosions earlier this afternoon, authorities are investigating possible unexploded bombs at other locations in the city.

Solid information remains elusive, but many Twitter users are reporting that incendiary devices have been found at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum and Boston’s five-star Mandarin Hotel.

A fire broke out at the JFK Library at around 3pm Monday. JFK Library Director Tom Putnam released a statement claiming the blaze was unrelated to the Boston Marathon explosions.

However, Time reporter Andrew Katz claims otherwise. Katz, who gleaned his information from a police scanner, tweets:

“Boston scanner: “Incendiary device” possible at JFK Library. Advising people to get away immediately.”

Katz added that there was “another device” in front of the Mandarin. Again, his information came from police scanners.

Meanwhile, former Boston Phoenix reporter Chris Faraone says a police officer told him further “secondary devices” have been located and have yet to be detonated:

“Police officer near Boston Marathon finish line: ‘There are secondary devices that have been found and are unexploded.'”

Police have already set off one controlled explosion at 3.55pm.