Kate Hudson Does Yoga In Pink Underwear & Is Joined By Daughter Rani Rose In Funny Video

Kate's adorable daughter used her mom's legs to do her own mini-workout.

Kate Hudson attends 2019 Baby2Baby Gala
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Kate's adorable daughter used her mom's legs to do her own mini-workout.

Kate Hudson rocked underwear for a recent yoga session and she was joined by a pint-sized exercise partner who made her workout more challenging. On Sunday, the 41-year-old actress took to Instagram to share a video of her 1-year-old daughter, Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa, adorably crashing Kate’s morning fitness routine.

Kate was clad in a pair of pale pink panties and a matching bra. The Almost Famous star tagged the brand Kit Undergarments to inform her followers where she got the set. Her briefs were constructed out of a thin stretchy fabric. They had a mid-cut leg and high waist with a wide elastic band. Her bra was a pullover design with thin adjustable shoulder straps.

Her hair was damp and she wore it down. The mother of three was on the floor, where she had placed an exercise mat decorated with depictions of arrows and pink, white, and blue stripes. A small wooden block sat in front of the mat and she propped her phone up against it.

She was watching and listening to an online yoga class and she was doing her best to follow along. However, Rani Rose had hooked her arms around her mom’s legs, so Kate had to lift a little weight as she did a downward-facing dog pose. The actress lowered herself down to a plank position and her daughter hilariously kept her face pressed between her thighs as she moved. Kate did the same transition one more time before pausing with her chest on the floor.

The instructor could be heard telling her viewers that they should ask for help if they had a “friend nearby,” so Kate got her partner to assist her with the bow pose.

“Do you wanna help mommy do the next pose?” she asked.

“Yeah!” the tot replied in a chirpy voice.

Kate told her workout pal to stand up and the little girl proceeded to crawl onto her mom’s back. She briefly remained there while Kate reached back to grab her ankles. As she held the bow position, Rani Rose moved off her back and grabbed one of her heels to help her with the stretch.

Kate couldn’t help but laugh at her helper’s antics and the tot looked like she was also having a blast. Their family fitness video was a big hit on Instagram.

“This is so adorable,” read one response to the post.

“Cutest thing ever!!!” another fan gushed.

“This ain’t goat yoga. This is next level. This is the cutest,” wrote a third fan.

Kate’s daughter also stole the show in a recent Instagram selfie. The pair were pictured rocking the same stylish shades in the funny photo.