Suzy Cortez Brandishes Buxom Assets In Bodysuit, Knee-High Boots

Brazilian model Suzy Cortez, who rose to prominence after winning 2015’s Miss BumBum pageant, continues to flaunt her award-winning derriere on her popular Instagram account. On Sunday, August 2, the 30-year-old influencer and fitness guru posted a particularly steamy snapshot which found her “bottoms up” in a chair while sporting a form-fitting, salmon-colored bodysuit and a pair of knee-high boots.

In the caption that accompanied the post, Cortez made reference to being “number 1” — and the myriad positive replies left by her fans and admirers in the adjoining comments thread indicated that they agreed with that assessment.

“I can see why you’re number 1 beautiful lady,” wrote one user, referencing her backside with a peach emoji after the comment and further stating that it’s “very fine.”

“Beautiful hair and lips and eyes,” opined another, shifting the focus to other sections of Cortez’s alluring physique.

“Damn so fine and tempting,” stated a third commenter.

“You’re just wow,” added a fourth admirer.

In the photo, Cortez took an atypical approach to sitting in a yellow, asymmetrical chair. Rather than resting her backside upon it, she elected to face the floor and support the weight of her upper body with her arms while the tops of her thighs were planted on the seat’s lower cushion (where one would normally sit). In doing so, she caused her lower legs to fall against the back of the chair while her torso was suspended over what appeared to be a hardwood floor.

As a result of her unorthodox pose, Cortez’s famously ample assets were prominently displayed cheeky-side up as the picture was snapped.

Meanwhile, Cortez fired a smoldering expression into the camera’s lens. Her pouty lips were slightly parted and her dark eyes were partially obstructed by her squint on one side, while the opposite side was blanketed by her long, brunette hair. Her lengthy locks flowed down toward the floor, nearly making contact with it in the process.

Although her front side was facing the hardwood, a hint of cleavage was also visible in the frame as Cortez turned slightly to face the camera. Elsewhere in the photo, a pair of sunglasses rested on the ground beside Cortez and her knee-high boots scintillated in the light.

Cortez’s latest offering of eye candy proved to be a quick hit, racking up nearly 20,000 likes in its first hour after being uploaded. Furthermore, nearly 300 comments were left by followers.

Fans of Cortez have been treated to a multitude of sizzling Instagram updates of late. As shared by The Inquisitr on August 1, she posted another photo in which she wore a red cowboy hat and little else.