Kris Bryant Tests Negative For Coronavirus, Sits Out Second Consecutive Cubs Game Anyway

Kris Bryant is sitting out his second consecutive game on Sunday for the Chicago Cubs, despite being tested twice in the last two days for the coronavirus. Both tests came back negative, but Bryant is taking the proper precautions, according to Brett Taylor of Bleacher Nation.

The third baseman was scratched just before his team's contest against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday night. The reason that was given then was that he was suffering from gastrointestinal issues. Some dismissed the problem as nothing more than a stomach bug. It appears Bryant and the front office wanted to make sure it was nothing more serious. He underwent a COVID-19 test, in part because of the outbreaks Major League Baseball has seen over the last week.

After missing Saturday's game, he was tested then and again on Sunday morning. He said both came back negative but no one is taking any risks. The Cubs are one of the only teams in MLB that hasn't had a positive test since the season restarted. The franchise has been commended by other teams, as well as by commissioner Rob Manfred for managing to stay completely healthy (at least in regards to the pandemic), and it appears Bryant and others are taking pride in that.

In order to be extra-cautious, Cubs manager David Ross announced Bryant would miss Sunday's series finale against the Pirates.

Kris Bryant #17 of the Chicago Cubs sits in the dugout prior to the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks
Getty Images | Jennifer Stewart

Taylor pointed out that Bryant not being available right away is hardly unheard of this season. When the Cincinnati Reds had two members of its roster get sick and self-report, they still had to miss a couple of games.

Mike Moustakas and Nick Senzel both told their front office they weren't feeling well. Both were deactivated for several days in order to wait and see what happened. Eventually, the pair were cleared of any sign of the virus and allowed to return.

According to Maddie Lee of NBC Sports Chicago, it wasn't just the negative test results that convinced Bryant and Ross that he doesn't have COVID-19. The reporter posted on Twitter that the player is feeling quite a bit better. You can view Lee's tweet here.

Bryant received praise from Ross and other team officials for self-reporting his illness. Those around the club talked about how well he's comported himself during the early going of the 2020 season. This came after the third baseman was one of those players that talked about potentially opting out. Earlier this summer, he said sitting out ran through "a lot of people's minds." Eventually, he decided to play after all.