Nancy Pelosi Says She’s Lost Confidence In Deborah Birx For Allowing Donald Trump To Spread Disinformation

Dr. Deborah Birx speaks at the White House.
Alex Wong / Getty Images

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said she has lost confidence in top White House expert Dr. Deborah Birx, saying the coordinator of the coronavirus task force has allowed President Donald Trump to spread “disinformation” about the virus.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, the House speaker said that Birx is too close to the president.

“I think the president has been spreading disinformation about the virus and she is his appointee so, I don’t have confidence there, no,” she said when asked if she had confidence in Birx.

The New York Post reported earlier in the week that Pelosi had “trashed” the top coronavirus expert in a private meeting with White House officials. The report claimed that Pelosi was speaking to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and chief of staff Mark Meadows during negotiations over the next COVID-19 relief bill when she turned her attention to the task force coordinator.

“Deborah Birx is the worst. Wow, what horrible hands you’re in,” she reportedly said.

Others have criticized Birx for her failure to push back publicly against misinformation on the treatment of the coronavirus and its spread, in contrast to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has more publicly broken with the president and disputed his claims.

This follows a report from New York Times claiming that Birx has been more focused on giving what is seen as “good news” on the spread of the virus, painting an incomplete and misleading picture. The report claimed that she told top officials that “metros are stabilizing” and that the outbreak had hit is peak in mid-April and would be improving, echoing the analysis that Trump reportedly wished to hear rather than more dire predictions.

“The New York area accounted for half of the total cases in the country, she said. The slope was heading in the right direction. ‘We’re behind the worst of it.’ She endorsed the idea that the death counts and hospitalization numbers could be inflated.”

The California congresswoman is not the only one to call out Trump for spreading what is seen as misinformation in regard to COVID-19. As The Inquisitr reported, Fauci said earlier this week that the president’s tweets promoting the use of hydroxychloroquine and going against the idea that masks are effective were “not helpful.”

Others have also joined in criticizing Birx for not calling out and correcting what is seen as disinformation when it is presented to the American public.