Jennifer Lopez Looks Stunning Lounging On Sunday Morning, Embraces 'Empathy'

Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram on Sunday to share some positive vibes with her 127 million followers. The gorgeous entertainment mogul looked comfy and sexy in the casual selfie, thrilling fans with her style and uplifting message. The post received over 270,000 likes in less than an hour after it went live.

Jennifer wore a stylish sweatshirt and pants combo in a light heather gray color. Both pieces fit loosely and conveyed a perfect mellow Sunday morning look.

The top had a round neck and wide bands around both long sleeves. The word "Empathy" appeared to be embroidered across the chest in large, multicolored Courier font.

In the caption, Jennifer reiterated the intention of the post by defining the noun, and then she wished viewers a "Happy Sunday," sprinkling in a collection of star, heart, and daisy emoji.

The matching bottoms had long, baggy legs with elastic cuffs. She also wore crisp white Nikes featuring a red swoosh and a bright yellow embellishment at the top of the laces, both of which picked up the vivid color in the print on her shirt. She accessorized with large, delicate gold hoops in her ears.

Vibrant green sunglasses with a modern squared-off cat-eye shape and dark lenses completed the ensemble. Jennifer slid them down her nose and dropped her chin, gazing over the rims into the mirror in front of her. Huge, chocolate brown eyes caught a remnant of the camera flash, which was reflected in tiny highlights in her pupils.

Jennifer seemingly pulled her highlighted caramel tresses into a ponytail at the crown of her head and let the loose waves spill forward across her forehead, grazing the top of her glasses and perfectly sculpted eyebrows. She seductively pursed her shiny, full lips and let them part slightly.

She posed sitting on a polished, mahogany wood floor in what appeared to be her bedroom. A white lamp on a bedside table behind her cast a bright, flattering light across one side of her face, illuminating her high cheekbones and strong yet delicate jawline.

She crossed one leg ahead of her and leaned forward slightly, holding her iPhone in front of her petite frame with the opposite hand.

The room behind her was decorated primarily in tones of white and cream, creating a calm, clean environment. The bed behind her had rows of plush pillows in front of an elegant headboard with studded detailing around the edge.

As recently reported by The Inquisitr, the stunning musician and actress gave fans a glimpse of her natural beauty recently when she posed for another selfie with a fresh face.