Darrelle Revis Trade Talks Reportedly Put On Hold

Trade talks for Darrelle Revis are reportedly on hold as the Jets star cornerback continues to rehab for a torn ACL.

For several days rumors have put the Jets in talks with Tampa Bay Buccaneers to trade Revis, who missed most of the 2012 season with the injury. As the Jets opened up voluntary workouts on Monday, the team continued to look at its trade options and planned for get a look at Revis for the first time since his surgery in October.

Revis had an MRI that will be evaluated by a team doctor, who will also give a more details rehab schedule to the cornerback.

Darrelle Revis didn’t want to have to come in for the team meeting. He reportedly asked to stay in Arizona, where he has been rehabbing his knees since the beginning of the year. Revis also didn’t want to cause a distraction for the team due to the trade rumors swirling.

While the Jets have been the center of a number of trade talks after a disappointing season, little has yet to play out for the team. The team will reportedly deal backup quarterback Tim Tebow or cut him by draft time, but Tebow still showed up to the team workouts as promised.

Tebow showed up about 90 minutes early for the 8 am team meeting.

Starting quarterback Mark Sanchez is also rumored to be on the trading block, part of the Revis swap. Sanchez lost hold of the starting spot during the season due to poor play, but rookie Greg McElroy failed to impress when he was given a chance to start late in the year.

The Jets have reportedly looked at shipping Tebow to Tampa as part of a Darrelle Revis trade, mainly as a way to prevent rival New England from picking up Tebow and avoid having to cut him and getting nothing in return.