Vicky Aisha Wows Fans With Insanely Sexy Pokemon Cosplay

Australian tattoo model Vicky Aisha stunned her Instagram followers with a sexy Pokemon cosplay on Saturday, sharing three photos of herself in a provocative outfit that left little to the imagination. The curvy bombshell was dressed as Misty Williams, known as Kasumi in Japan, while rocking insanely tiny Daisy Dukes and a skimpy yellow crop top that exposed her cleavage.

Vicky appeared to be braless under the snug top, which fit tightly across her chest, making a tantalizing display of her voluptuous assets. The short-sleeved number cut off at her ribcage, putting her waist and midriff on show for her audience to admire. Meanwhile, the barely-there denim shorts had a low-rise waistline that hit just below her navel. The item boasted a scandalous high cut that completely bared her hips, and was adorned with a distressed fringe trim that called even more attention to her bodacious curves.

The costume was complete with red suspenders and a small Pokeball, which Vicky held in her hand. The model topped off the hot look with a red wig, swapping her long, golden tresses for a ginger bob. She also wore her customary nose ring. Likewise, her impressive tattoo collection was on show, as the scanty outfit allowed both her sleeve tattoos and the ink on her hip and thigh to be seen.

The internet vixen posed with a tiny Pikachu figurine, which she coquettishly tucked into the waistband of her shorts. Another photo showed the yellow figure nestled into her ample cleavage. Vicky pretended to have lost her companion, striking a cute pose as she seemingly looked for him. The model enlisted fans' help in her caption, reeling in a lot of responses from her admirers.

Followers seemed eager to go on the search for Pikachu, leaving plenty of humorous comments under the steamy post.

"Pikachu knows where to hide," wrote one person.

"He's literally in a better place. No wonder he declined to stay in a poke ball," chimed in another Instagrammer.

While the majority appeared to enjoy Vicky's take on the popular character, some eagle-eyed fans pointed out that Misty is a Water Pokemon master and should have been accompanied by Togepi instead. Vicky took to the comments to clear the air, saying that's the figurine that "came with the outfit."

"It's just some light hearted fun it doesn't have to be 1000% accurate," she wrote, adding a blowing-kiss emoji.

Despite the small inaccuracy of her costume, many of her admirers were delighted with the outcome of the photoshoot. The upload racked up more than 47,500 likes overnight, in addition to 670-plus comments.

"Oh my gosh this is epic," declared one fan.

"On this day I have decided to become a wild water Pokemon," quipped another devotee.